Most of the people we come into contact with, whether through the web, one of our seminars, or one of our ads, want to know how we’ve come to be NZ & Australia’s #1 CV writing service. Yes, we’ve won the polls, yes, we’ve received the awards, yes, we’ve been in the newspapers, and yes,we’ve received the certifications. But much like you may call a plumber or a sparky in a hurry to help you out with something, customers often have limited information to about whom to trust.

That is exactly why we’ve written this article, to tell you how we’ve become the best in these two countries.

Our company had humble beginnings, working alongside professionals looking for support through the recruitment process. Because we were involved in recruitment, we could see where people were falling short in their CV. But it wasn’t just about the recruitment, it was also about understanding psychology, behavioural patterns, and up-selling one’s abilities to an employer.

The goal of helping people grew when we saw that more and more people had an amazing skill-set to offer employers (and in many cases, were the right people to bring about some real positive change to our countries – be it in our schools, charitable organisations, businesses, or government), but they fell flat when it came to presenting themselves. Plus, these people who had the skills to do the job very well were often turned away for things like a poor CV or a poor job interview. Where was the sense in that?

Yes, one might argue that if a person can’t handle a job interview for 60 minutes without stuttering, shaking or feeling nervous, they might not be the best person to deal with. Or that if someone can’t write a 3 page CV in a way that is clear and makes sense, they aren’t going to be able to produce great business plans or teach well in a classroom. But the more we looked at these people, who they were, what their goals were, and what they had to offer, we saw a gigantic gap between presentation in the job application stages, and real world performance in a job.

We expanded who we were, worked with more individuals, and brought together a team that collaboratively worked on résumés, introducing the concept of the “Cloud CV” back in 2011. This was the first approach of its kind to have a methodology that includeshaving more than one person work on your CV at a time, giving different perspectives and refinements.And, believe it or not, employers are human too,and bound to have different perspectives, which is why we recognised the need for a humanistic approach to our CV writing process.

As time went by, we worked with more industries and put ourselves out there in various publications and presentations and increased the industries and skill levels we worked for. We were also fortunate to be joined by a world-class interview coach who had an amazing appreciation for helping people realise their potential (the Tony Robbins of the job world, if you ask us), and some amazing personal branding experts.

We were also NZ’s first company to become fully certified professional writers, obtaining the ERWA certification, and later, the CPRW accreditation and PARW membership. CPRW is the go-to name in our industry, much like having an “MBA”, except of course in the world of CV Writing!

Today, we’re here to serve and help people grow. Yes, it is a business. Yes, there are profits. And yes, there is a price tag. But the investment you put in with us ensuresquality advice and work capable of adding not just thousands of dollars to your pay packet, but also years of enjoyment and a career you actually deserve. We wouldn’t be doing what we do every day if it didn’t put a smile on our faces and brought us joy every time we hear someone get a job interview or a job offer!

Some of you also want to know WHY we’re better, and HOW we’ve had these great results. To become better and to become experts at what we do, we mastered the knowledge in these areas, which we’d like to share with you.

Transferable Skills – Understanding that people like you don’t want your next job to be like your current one. Similarly, you’re looking for change, as your future employer too, is looking for a change. So, we break down what the job you want to apply for looks like, get information from you, and explainhow this applies to a potential employer in your CV, why it matters, and why you’re the best candidate to pick.

Life-changing stories – Some of our clients come to us motivated about their job search, whereas others are dreaded by constant disappointment. No matter what it is, if you want a new job, you need have the mindset of a winner. Ever since we introduced our coaching service, clients have been more confident in handling themselves – not just about interviews, but carrying themselves more confidently and having a clear idea of how they are going to find a job that hopefully pays more, and one they really love doing.

Computer Based Resume Handling – Many people still don’t realise that computer programs are screening and searching through CVs. That means that if your resume does not contain certain key-phrases, or is not in a particular competency-based format, chances are, it may never pass a computerised test designed to assist recruiters in shortlisting. Why does that matter? Because all your hard work in re-writing your CV, or someone else’s hard work in re-writing your CV, goes to waste, as no human ever gets to read it; only a computer does. You have no idea how manygarbled, corrupted, and poorly formatted CVs reach recruiters!

Managing the under qualification and over qualification issue – Have you ever been told you’re not going to get a job because you’ve had too little experience, or too much experience? Nothing can change the hard facts of what your experience and education are (unless you go out and get more experience, or further yourself through education), but a lot of this is down to how you present what you have to offer. Sometimes, you might be perfect for a small firm looking to hire a talented individual, but because you have a Master’s degree, or even just a bachelor’s degree, they might be concerned about how you might fit into their team. Sometimes, candidates who over sell their education as an example can come across as intimidating to an employer or a poor fit to the culture of the company. In other cases, when a company needs to hire a person with world-class dedication, and they hire someone with 2 or 3 years of experience, not realising that a graduate who is dead set on growing in the industry is probably the best person to hire!

Relationships with recruiters and education providers –

Our company is often invited to give talks with the community; for example, we’ve conducted workshops in a number of universities, workplaces and techs, and have established relationships with these. We’re also recommended by a number of recruiters who work with us from time to time and trust our polishing service. We also work with recruiters from time to time to help place candidates, so we have a clear idea of what employers are looking for.

Outstanding Results – No CV writing company can really 100% guarantee you a job, and if they say they do, it is probably a deal too good to be true. But one thing’s for sure, every week, we get a large numbers of emails from clients telling us they had an interview, or got a job. It doesn’t matter if the person is a student, a graduate, a labourer, a professional, someone new to the country, or even a senior manager – we get great results at all levels.

Combining offline & online search process – By being one of the first services in NZ and Australia to offer a LinkedIn service as part of our offering, we’ve helped many people nail it when it comes to building online networks and presenting themselves online. Most people have no idea that recruiters usually check your LinkedIn profile while you’re on the phone with them having your telephone interview. (And well, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, that’s a bit of a recipe for a disaster). But by gaining employers’ confidence that you present yourself well in the online world, you increase your chances of getting to the next stage of the job application process.

Launch of our Free Advice Centre and Additional Guide Books for Clients – Our website’s free advice centre is home to close to 100 articles giving job seekers world-class advice with regard to career direction, achieving better results, and getting the type of job they want. Each of our team members has worked hard to give back to both our customers and the general public by producing this section to help everyone have access to quality job information one can’t normally find in books, the news, or just anywhere else really. In addition to that, customers who purchase full packages through us receive guides, interview reference sheets and digital books to help them grasp how winning the whole job process works.

As the director of the company, I hope that in the years to come, employers will continually adopt and accept new initiatives around their hiring processes to help them in selecting the best candidate. This would do wonders for our workforce, and I do not mean just the workforce in New Zealand and Australia, but also for the world overall. We would see better predictions and decisions around who would be the best person for the role, rather than current recruitment processes that areoften criticised by both employees and employers.

We have already seen some exciting initiatives by universities in this regard around candidate selection and understanding different contributing factors to job applications such as someone’s CQ (curiosity quotient – a gem of a study published by Thomas Friedman by 2007, whichhas only recentlystarted to receive media attention and acceptance). But for now, at least, one thing’s for sure, CVs and job interviews are here to stay and remain integral parts of the recruitment process. They play a key role in outlining what a candidate has to offer and how this can help an employer in achieving their vision and goals, no matter how small or large they may be. I imagine they will always serve as a part of the recruitment process in some way shape or form, even if we over time all have LinkedIn profiles or half hour Skype interviews as opposed to a traditional hour long face to face ones. In light of this, we need to accept them for what they are and ensure they are as polished as possible. Perfecting them is a life-changing investment for ourselves and our families.

So, if we’re already helping you, great. We hope we can do everything we can to help you score that dream job. And if we weren’t working with you yet, we’d love for the opportunity to help you say ‘Wow!’ when you open your CV for the first time, and an even louder ‘Wow!’ the second you have the job offer of your dreams.