Working in New Zealand requires one to assimilate its style of working. Integrity, independence, and improvisation are considered vital traits to succeeding in the workplace. Given that your application begins with sending out your CV, the employer must be able to see these personality traits within a few seconds of skimming through your CV. If you can convey this in your management CV, it can give you a distinct advantage over other management applicants right from the outset.

Apart from this, here are three things that you must add in a management CV if you wish to work in a managerial role in New Zealand:

Management CV Essentials

1: Management Certifications & Credentials

Considering the instance in which you have not landed your first managerial position yet, preparing a management CV should include your certifications and credentials that you have earned if you did go back to management school. In fact, some experts recommend that you place it right at the top of your CV so that it gets the attention of the employer right away. Of course, this does not include your undergraduate degree or certification that isn’t relevant to the vacant position that you are applying for.

2: Accomplishments & Achievements

Just as with any applicant for non-managerial positions, employers are interested in learning more about your accomplishments and achievements. This is to ascertain whether your strengths and successes fit in with the needs and responsibilities of said organization and the job opening. Still, make sure you use the real estate on your management CV well by only adding the most recent accomplishments that are related to the job position you want to get.

3: Numbers, numbers, numbers

No matter which position you hold in the workplace, your level of performance will be measured based on the results you create. Providing these metrics on your management CV is just as important as it tells your prospective employer how well you perform in a specific role. This is especially true if your purpose is to pursue a career in management. Again, the numbers that you do provide should be both recent and relevant but also help you stand out as an excellent employee among other applicants. One benefit of adding numbers to your achievements is that it works as tangible proof of your performance in prior roles.

Now, while these three tips can help you position yourself as management material on your management CV, taking assistance from a professional CV writing service like King of CV can provide you with clear steps to make that transition from an entry-level role to a managerial one. Contact us today to learn more.