No matter what your current line of work entails, there’s always room to explore other fields – especially ones that interest you exceedingly. It is never too late. Without a doubt, the best way by which you can begin a new journey is to study at university a course that should, at the very least, keep you mentally active.

The internet is an excellent place where you can find courses that cost little to nothing. At the same time, many companies and organisations recognise these credentials, making them even more ideal if you are looking to use the skills learned in the workplace. Moreover, because these are done online, you can do this at home or work if your boss permits.

So, without further ado, here are three interesting things that you can study at a university in 2018:

1: Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel by Microsoft

Given that Data Science is significant today, taking this course would be highly beneficial for you. After all, who does not use MS Excel at work? Apart from being interesting, it can be handy for those who have to make business presentations and create monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

2: Visual Arts Certificate

While this might be a course that is more directed towards designers, it is still fascinating to appreciate art. At some point, you might find yourself applying these creative techniques at work as well since there are opportunities to work in the digital arts. If anything, making your presentations visually appealing can transform how you approach your work in the first place.

3: Msc Epistemology, Ethics & Mind 

Even if most people complain that Philosophy is a dying art, the University of Edinburgh offers us an opportunity to answer the unanswerable questions by developing our philosophic mind. Armed with the tools of logic, inference and making clear arguments, one can apply this disciplined method of thinking to just about anything.