Whether you are employed or looking for work, it is vital that you be aware of the job trends happening in the country. That is because these can affect your chances of keeping your job (if you are employed) or getting hired (if you are currently job hunting).

2017 was a year that welcomed employee-friendly policies that seemed impossible a few years earlier. It goes without saying that this overall trend will continue into 2018 as well.

So what is in store for the New Zealand workforce in 2018? Here are three job trends for 2018 that are worth noting.

1. Automation in Healthcare, Retail, HR, and Finance

There are many Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions already helping recruiters sift through large numbers of resumes to find relevant candidates. Routine tasks in finance, risk and portfolio management, and credit analysis are now being automated using machine learning software.

On top of these, inventory tasks in the retail industry as well as improving the detection rates of cancer patients in imaging scans in healthcare are now also being handled by AI.

For people looking for jobs in New Zealand, this transition is terrible news. The advent of AI means that lesser positions are being opened for job seekers, making the competition stiffer.

2. The Importance of Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Studies show that 90% of recruiting firms search for potential candidates online. Additionally, 85% of hiring managers turn to social media sites like LinkedIn to seek and screen candidates for a job opening.

No doubt, the internet is now the most valuable resource for finding work. For this very reason, it is vital for employees to work on preparing their digital resume and portfolio. Other ways to do this is setting up a personal website and maintaining a positive, respectable presence on social media.

3. Upskilling Current Workers

Given that most workers quit their jobs is because their interests change, more and more employers are upskilling their workers for new roles in the workplace.

As such, both in-house training and the acceptance of online education will play a crucial role to prepare employees for positions that are anything but routine. This decision is much more cost-efficient than having to hire new employees.

While there is no way for you to change these job trends, you can position and prepare yourself for what is to happen. The first step is making sure that your CV and LinkedIn profiles are up to par. Contact us today for a free assessment.