It is a well-known fact that New Zealand employers request for two referees from job seekers in general. Of course, it should be evident that referees support our job application efforts by validating our qualities, skills and work experience to prospective employers. Which begs the question: is it necessary to place your references on your CV?

Most experts in New Zealand believe placing references on your CV is not necessary as long as you inform the employer that they are available on request. Even if this might seem to work against your application to the said employer, there are certain pitfalls that you can avoid by not placing references on your CV.

Here are three of these reasons that should stand you in good stead, when applying for a job in New Zealand.

Why Not Include References on Your CV

1: The Job Application Does Not Need References

If the job advertisement that has been posted for all job seekers does not ask for any referees, there’s no need to provide references on your CV. Providing extra information that does not add value to your application does not make sense, especially when you can focus on presenting information that employers of the job posting want.

2: Employers May Catch Your Referees Unprepared

If you send out your CV to a number of employers with references on your CV, there’s every possibility of employers catching your referees unprepared. Conversely, in offering two referees only when asked, you can prepare them for a call from a prospective employer by asking them to furnish information about your skills and work experience. As you can imagine, you can avoid an embarrassing situation by not placing these references on your CV.

3: Referees Might Not Vouch For You Adequately

Following the previous case of being unprepared, there’s every chance that your referee might not vouch for you accurately. There’s also every possibility that their reference might not be deemed trustworthy by the hiring panel too. It is advisable that you get to know more about the organization before sharing appropriate referee information. This is why you should be selective about sharing references on your CV when you send it out to prospective employers.

While understanding the importance of not sharing references on your CV with all and sundry should be clear for job seekers in general, there are other aspects of your CV that could benefit from a CV writing professional’s assistance.