Given how the trends and demands of the industry keep shifting, most management applicants would be wise to discern what employers want. In the context of New Zealand, there are unique traits that are expected of management applicants. While the environment offers the opportunity to grow, some challenges come with the territory as well.

While it is good to think carefully about what you want as an aspiring management professional, understanding what employers want can complete that picture for a win-win situation.

Here are three things that NZ employers almost always look for in management applicants.

Character Traits Essential for Management Applicants

1: Integrity

No matter where you work in the world, this is the number one personality trait that employers look for and which is no different with NZ employers either. This trait involves being true to oneself and others. You need to be willing to be open about your strengths and weaknesses.

It must also be pointed out that without this trait, the others do not really count for much. Without a doubt, management applicants should take this seriously before working towards building other skills and qualities that NZ employers want.

2: Competence

Of course, if you are not able to get results in the workplace, this can have an impact on your chances to climb the corporate ladder. That is why this trait is just as desirable as integrity since a business’ profits hinges on the performance of its managers and other employees alike.

As for New Zealand employers, this extends to being able to get the jobs even if business processes can be unstructured or the necessary resources are not immediately available. In other words, being able to improvise is a trait that management applicants should develop if they want to get their first break.

3: Flexibility

Independence is a personality trait that New Zealand employers value and which is something that management applicants should take seriously as well. On the other hand, the person should be likable enough to be able to work efficiently in a team setting. In the case of management applicants, being able to handle teams without much fuss apart from being able to manage their side of the business without much hand-holding is what employers want. Even if these two qualities might seem conflicting, being flexible enough to handle any situation is what management applicants should aspire to master.

Now, if conveying these qualities on your CV for management positions seems complicated, hiring a professional CV writer could highlight just these very traits that NZ employers want.