The days when companies take pride with having a pool of talented and loyal employees seem to be a distant memory. Employees are now quickly transferring from one company because they got a better position or employment compensation package.

While there’s nothing wrong with looking for “greener pastures,” people today tend to overlook the fact that companies reward employees that stay with them for extended periods of time. In fact, the longer an employee stays with a company, the more benefits they receive.

Here are three of the benefits that employees get to enjoy only if they stay loyal to a company for a very long time.

Loyal employees will get promoted

Unless you’ve got loads of experience, you join a company as an entry-level employee. You get a pretty basic employment package despite some responsibilities you have to fulfill. You have to go through a probationary period where your superiors will assess the quality of your performance to see if you will become a permanent employee.

That doesn’t sound that enticing, right? But here’s the thing. When there’s an opening in a managerial position, companies prefer promoting loyal employees over hiring someone new from the outside.

One reason is that a loyal employee is familiar with company policies and the culture within the organisation so he or she only requires minimal training.

Another reason is that the loyal employee would be able to come up with better suggestions and ideas to further improve the operations of the company, which would mean more efficient systems and even an increase in profit.

You build a reliable network

The longer you stay in a company, the more you’re able to build and develop relationships not just with your peers, but also your superiors. As a result, you’re able to build a strong network of business contacts. These connections will help you get tasks completed faster, and even let you in on opportunities for a promotion way before it becomes public.

There’s room for growth

One reason why lots of people leave a company is that they think that it’s the only way for them to make a shift in their career path.

That may be true. But did you know that you can do that as well by staying loyal to the company you’re working for?

It’s true. Just because you were hired in one department doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for an opening in another department. Of course, you’ll need to show and prove that you’ve got the skills and knowledge to make the shift. You’ll also need to update your CV to match the requirements and expectations of that department. But the fact that you’re choosing to apply in another department in your current company instead of applying to another company altogether will give you that all-important edge to get ahead of the other candidates.

Loyal employees are respected

You don’t immediately gain the trust and respect from your co-workers and superiors the moment you join the company. You got to earn them, and the only way for you to do that is by staying with the enterprise for a long time.

The great thing about it is that once you’ve earned their trust and respect, you also get their support. You’ll find it easier for your co-workers and superiors to work with you on a project. In some cases, your peers or superiors will even recommend you to head a task.

Loyal employees have become a rare breed these days. Because of that, companies are more willing to offer benefits you’ll never get to enjoy if you just keep transferring from one company to another. Be a part of the rare breed, and reap the rewards.