No matter how you see it, it’s in the recruitment phase that people develop a first impression of the company. The better the first impression, the more likely it is for top talent to be interested in working for your organisation. There are good reasons for this too. In particular, they want a company to challenge, surprise, excite and delight them. Also, they don’t mind working hard but want to be appreciated for what they do.

This is why it is important for your organisation to begin this ‘love affair’ to begin during the recruitment process.This will definitely result in attracting the right talent and you don’t have to be working Google or Apple either.

4 Recruitment Tips to Attract the Right Talent

Since the objective is hire the ideal candidate for the position, there are certain changes that
you might have to make.

So, here are 4 tips to attracting the right talent:

1: Take a Look At Your Workplace Culture

The first step is to look at your HR and recruitment practices. For this, put yourself in the shoes of a talented person and check as to how you would reach him or her. Are you using social media or the right kind of filtering tools to reach this person. Do you have brand advocates or influencers furthering your cause? What language are you using? Is your career site design appealing to people from all walks of life? How you do make your initial and follow-up contacts?

In fact, break down the entire process from initial posting to final hire. Check what you need to change so as to find the right talent for your organisation. Very importantly, take feedback from recent hires if you must at your company as well as your competitors too.

2: Integrate Marketing and Recruitment

HR and recruitment does not exist in a vacuum. In order to be effective, they require input from other departments too. This will make the recruitment process far more integrated and stronger as a result. Why this matters is because the applicant will directly and indirectly impact the different departments and functions.

One way of doing this is to take input about job posting from the specific department it is for. Make sure that you ask for inputs in regard to your marketing pitch so as to make it enticing and interesting to the ideal candidate.

In other words, the more you receive input from all departments, the more likely you are to find the right employee for the position.

3: Make Use of Social Media

Social media is an ideal way to reach out to both brand advocates and influencers. Use as
many platforms available in order to establish dialogue and a presence that goes beyond just
advertising a particular job opening. In particular, use it for branding and talent management
too. If you must, hire a social media experts to help you get the most out of your resources and efforts. You might also have a number of media-savvy employees in the organisation.

Get their input too. While using video is a good idea, ensure your online interface and career application process is simple and easy to use.

4: Make sure the recruitment process is honest

The recruitment process has to be an honest one. Misrepresenting your brand will involve
recruiting the wrong kind of talent and which will make someone feel like a victim when they are finally hired. No matter what, make sure you attract the right kind of talent that feels comfortable in the work culture.