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Should you follow your dreams? While many job seekers may be following their dreams, did you know many people shy away from talking about their own achievements and passions? They may not want to jinx their luck, even if they are quietly ambitious. According to one study, 56 percent of workers surveyed liked their jobs. How can you find your dream job and stop working in a job you don’t really love? It may depend on four keys and developing four strategies.

Use your Smartphone to apply.

You don’t always have to rely on a newspaper for a job lead. Did you know 60 percent of job seekers today do not use traditional methods, such as newspapers? These days, many people simply use their cell phone to find job leads online. However, it is better to apply sooner rather than later, within 72 hours of the posting. If you wait longer, there is less likelihood that an employer will call you back for an interview. If you are worried that a vacation or other appointment may keep your from a 72-hour deadline, you can always store your resume and cover letter in Dropbox. If you need to customise that cover letter to the job posting, you can easily do so. This is key to getting a job. This also ensures you won’t be caught off guard when your dream job does come along.

Practice interview questions before you get a callback.

When you are asked to tell an employer about yourself, state the obvious in relation to the job. By coming up with an interesting way to attract a potential employer’s attention, this can help you land your dream job. This helps you not to become unnerved by hard interview questions that an employer may throw your way because they want to see how you might respond impromptu. Knowing how to ad-lib may be key to getting your dream job.

Keep it positive.

According to a study in the Academy of Management Journal, out of the 177 people surveyed 128 people landed a job when they impressed the interviewer with their positive go-getter attitude. Keeping positive can help you find your dream job. But, how do you project a positive attitude? The key may be to not allow negative, defeating thoughts to dominate your thinking. Ban the “I can’ts” and you may have a better chance of landing a job.

Don’t forget the ‘thank you’ note!

The ‘Thank You’ note has not gone the way of the dinosaur. According to CareerBuilder, 22 percent of hiring managers won’t give promising hires the job. However, did you know that at least 32 percent of prospective employees do not bother to write a ‘thank you’ note following an interview? The key to getting a job may be to reaffirm your interest in your note. If employers can see your genuine interest in their company, you could just land your dream job and find your passion after all.

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