Regardless of budget, finding the right talent isn’t difficult at all. Organisations have a number of them at their disposal. One big factor is because of the emergence of technology-based recruiting tools. This is why companies are moving away traditional recruitment methods to technologically-driven ones.

So, here are four popular recruiting tools that are based on technical solutions:

1: Social Media

Social media sites have a large amount of traffic and volume flowing through them. Companies find it difficult to sift through all the information sometimes while having to include social media platforms in their recruitment process as well. Some of these platforms include YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These social media sites are excellent because they allow recruiters to find employees based on their skills set as well.

Just the very aspect of the amount of traffic to social media sites make recruiters and HR
professionals happy as a pool of potential candidates are available to them. They can not only leverage relationships but also promote their company as a result.

One reason why social networking sites have become popular in recent times is because
compared to search engines and job boards, this allows for transparent and two-way
communication between employer and potential hires.

2: Vendor Management Systems (VMS) & Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Vendor management systems (VMS), usually software programmes , is responsible for distributing job requirements to a number of companies such as independent consultants, consulting companies, recruiters and staffing companies. Right from organising the interview and hire process to handling payroll within the firm, it can used to manage literally everything.

VMS can be used by both staffing firms as well as an organisation’s recruiting department.
As for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), they generally handle the entire recruitment
process that are no different from VMS providers. Since these firms handle a variety of
recruiters, they have procedures in place to take care of the entire recruitment process.

3: Employee Screening & Background Check Vendors

The simple reference check of the past has evolved into a thorough background check that
looks into a candidate’s work history and criminal records.

Speaking of which, this includes past and present employment, attendance, performance as well as one’s reasons for leaving their current job.

Without a doubt, for positions of trust and involve high security, screening employees is a must. Depending on certain types of positions, certain other checks are also necessary. Some of these include alcohol and drug tests, credit score and fingerprint investigation.

Background checks are also necessary for potential government employees. Popular vendors that offer employee screening and background checks include AccuScreen, HR Plus, LexisNexis, TalentWise and Social Intelligence.

4: Virtual Interviewing Recruiting Tools

Being able to interview someone virtually helps companies to save money apart from building their brand too.

One option to use is Skype where you can video conference with prospective employees.
Another option is to have candidates complete a virtual questionnaire that requires them to log in to an interview session online while responding to questions on the phone. They
will have the opportunity to review answers before it is stored for the recruiter.

Of course, there are limitations. It isn’t easy to either reading candidates or even understanding employees’ needs. The virtual experience for everyone.