Entrepreneurs cannot build a successful enterprise on their own. That’s the ground reality. No matter what, every great entrepreneur has had a few great employees at his side. Of course, he can start as an enterprise of one but once it begins to grow, then it becomes too difficult for him to manage it all on his own. When that happens, they begin looking to hire the right candidate.

For that matter, hiring an employee that is wrong can cost you a lot of time, money and effort that has been put into their training. Of course, there’s the aspect of requiring equipment too and that costs a substantial amount of money to put together.

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that leaders generally view employees as investments over time. This is purely so that they can make excellent financial returns too.
But how can one tell a good hire over a bad one?

5 Ways to Hire the Right Candidate for the Job

There are a number of ways by which you can tell whether a candidate is a good hire or not. But it doesn’t always boil down to one’s ability, experience or qualifications.

Here are 5 factors that one can use as a measure to hire great candidates:

1: Competent

Without a doubt, this is the first factor that you must consider. Ask yourself if the person has the right skills, experience and education to complete the tasks that you assign them? If this is a no, then it’s time to move on to the next candidate.

2: Compatible

The next factor involves checking as to whether the person can get along with his colleagues, bosses and even clients and partners as well. Be sure that the person is not only willing but is able to work harmoniously with you being their boss. If you cannot, then there will be issues going forward.

3: Commitment

It’s good to check if the person is serious about taking this position for the long term. Or if they are just passing through while continuously looking for better. For this, make sure you take a look at their history of past jobs as well as time spent. Doing this will ensure that you obtain clear insight on the matter.

4: Character

What you have to check in this regard is whether the person’s value align with yours or not. For example, you’ll have to determine whether they are honest or whether they tell the truth and even keep their word as well. Make sure you find a person who is a team player apart from being selfless when it comes to getting the job done.

5: Compensation

Make sure you offer the employee a market-based compensation package that they are satisfied with. If they aren’t happy with the amount, then they will feel unappreciated and therefore underperform as a result. And whatever you do, be wary of giving them stock as this can complicate matters in the long run.