Almost everyone knows a person who climbs up the corporate ladder with ease. In fact, it seems as if they can do no wrong as they get promotion after promotion.

Of course, it leaves everyone scratching their heads wondering how they continue to meet with success after success.

If you think they’re just lucky or are good friends with the boss, then you’re probably wrong. Here are 5 habits of people who enjoy promotions:

1: Problem Solvers 

People who get promoted are known for being problem-solvers. They will find solutions instead of resorting to complaints. That’s not all – they will speak up when they have identified both a problem and the solution for it as well. So, the next time you are at a meeting and hear people discussing a problem, ensure that you get your ideas heard while putting them into action.

2: Step Out of Their Comfort Zone 

Yes, it’s very tempting to play it safe when it comes to staying within your “comfort zone”. In other words, not taking assignments that aren’t related to your area of expertise or experience. Unfortunately, this approach means that you won’t get any more experience if you take this approach.  So, without a doubt, say yes to assignments that go beyond your comfort zone and increase your chances of getting a promotion.

3: Observe Their Bosses 

Observing your boss and what they value in business in the world can be very beneficial if you take the time. This includes the everyday actions that they take as well. The simple reason is that you take important steps to becoming an industry leader if you observe your boss’ values.

In other words, it bodes well that you look at them as a mentor or guide of sorts.

4: Look at Both the Big and Little Picture 

Successful tend to be able to understand the bigger picture and as to how their daily tasks fit into this picture. It gives them a clear picture as to why their tasks are important as well. Of course, it’s not easy to grasp this at the beginning but soon, you will be able to finish tasks even before your supervisor or manager tells you to.

Make no mistake: if you show initiative like this, then you can expect a promotion sooner rather than never.

5: Work as Part of a Team 

It’s not always easy to work with your colleagues but learning this is vital to moving up the corporate ladder. Just keep in mind that it takes all kinds. Focus on your team-building skills and take every opportunity that you get to lead.

In Closing

Given these 5 habits, it should be clear that there’s no point sitting and waiting for your boss to notice you. You’ll have to do a number of things to get notice: be a leader, solve problems and actively look for new opportunities to prove yourself. If you do, you can be sure that you’ll definitely be in line for the next promotion opportunity at your workplace.

So, are there any other good habits that people who get promoted regularly practice?