For the most part, most of us will never know how a CEO got to become one. We’ll never truly know how they got started and ended up on top. But once you do, you’ll discover, quite inspiringly, that most of them started somewhere. Of course, we’ve all been asked what we want to be when we grow up and that there’s one way to do this: make a plan and stick with it all the way to the top.

But what if this isn’t the only way to succeed?

Most of us will never have a clear-cut answer to this. But there are certain guidelines that can help us find success even if it isn’t conventional advice. For this, interviewing accomplished people from different backgrounds or with varied interests can point us in the right direction. And which is what we will cover in the next section where LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth spoke with 5 successful people to uncover tips for life and business.


5 Interviews With Successful People That Serves as Crazy (but Excellent) Career Advice

Before we begin, it’s interesting to note that these successful people and their stories throw light on how they dealt with their challenges in a unique manner.

1: Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran 

Probably what stood out first was that she wasn’t much of a success at school – getting straight Ds. But that motivated her to become a success as she grew older whether it translated to giving a Tedx talk or writing several books.

Her advice: ignore what your parents say. 

2: Personal Finance Expert, Suze Orman 

Not only did she have a speech impediment but she couldn’t read and this resulted in not being able to get even a single grade higher than C in school. Ultimately, she decided to become a waitress and then planned to open a restaurant in the future. Yet it was making a wrong investment that led to the world of finance.

Her advice: Sometimes, it discovers you, not the other way around. 

3: National Cable and Telecommunications Associate’s Michael Powell 

Talking with Mike revealed that his original plan was to be an army officer in the United States Army. Of course, all that changed when he ended up with a crushed spine during a training mission at a German hospital.

In other words, he had to change his future and as most veterans, he had to start from the bottom. He also talks about how veterans around the country who have to deal with the darkness just as he did for a while.

His advice: Life promises you nothing. You better live like Life promises you nothing. 

4: Cinnabon’s Kat Cole 

Of course, she began her career at Hooters but she quickly moved on from selling chicken wings to working at their corporate office. Soon, she would take on a leadership role as its President.

Her advice: You can do anything you put your mind to. 

5: Sir Martin Sorrell 

Sorrell is one of the biggest names in the advertising industry. Of course, his grandparents being Ukrainian managed to migrate to London without being able to speak a word of English. Being the only child of his family, he felt the pressure to perform.

His father’s advice: Create a reputation. Not an external reputation but internal reputation in a business and an industry that you enjoy. 


In Closing

It goes without saying, from these interviews, that there is no one recipe or route for success. Yet when you see how these people made it on their own, it should inspire to create your own path in Life.

So, are there any other interviews that you can think of? If so, feel free to add them in the comments section below.