It’s a tough situation finding yourself out of a job. There’s bills to pay, commitments to meet and creditors to deal with if you are behind. We’ve all been there. It’s bad enough if it’s a few months but much worse if the job search continues into the second or third year. If you don’t believe it, this is a reality in today’s world. People have given up searching for work.It’s a tough situation to find yourself in. In fact, it’s advisable that you avoid the situation altogether.

Which begs the question: how can you avoid “being out of a job”?

Sometimes, you can find yourself in such a situation with no fault of yours, right?  As you’ll see, this is where being headhunted plays an important role.

Why Being Headhunted Helps You Stay Employed

A Wall Street Journal report reveals that being headhunted is the best way to stay employed.

Apparently, seeking jobs is hardly the way to go for those who are out of a job. In fact, people who look for work by “traditional means” are unlikely to find success as most vacancies are filled by headhunters or internal recommendations. It’s plain to see that managers aren’t interested in spending time sifting through resumes and applications and would rather source candidates through other means.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you stop looking for a job. But do improve your chances of being headhunted by doing certain things that get that process started.  This is especially if you are employed as this is twice hard to do if you’ve been out of work.

5 Sureshot Ways to Being Headhunted

Being headhunted requires you to “keep your head in the game”. This means that there are certain things that you have to do in order to be considered marketable for a better position.

That said, here are 5 sureshot ways to receive calls from headhunters:

1: Focus on Professions with a Dearth of Talent 

Headhunters usually focus on professions where there is a dearth of talent. Their services are necessary since recruiters and employers cannot find the talent necessary in their field. For this, do your homework: find industries where the demands is greater than the supply. A few example include accounting and finance, sales, web development and cyber security.

2: Be visible 

People who have been headhunted usually make an effort to be social and visible. This means attending industry forums, seminars and conferences or even just simply talking to people. Make sure you have your name, title and organization visible whenever you attend these events. Don’t hesitate to give out your business card as well.

3: Have an online presence 

Remember that whatever you put online is in the public domain. A number of employers look at your profile on LinkedIn and even other social networking sites. Of course, you can keep your profiles open but make sure to keep it clean and interesting. Put yourself in the mindset of an employer digging for dirt because a lot of them will.

4: Keep your CV up-to-date 

Keeping your CV up to date even if you’re employed has its benefits. Be careful to pick firms that send out CVs with your permission rather than at will. Whatever you do, distribute it with caution. Yet even before you send out your CV, make sure you proofread your CV first. This is for the simple reason that a poorly-written CV makes a terrible first impression.

5: Be a Well-Rounded Professional 

Just being visible is of no use, really. Headhunters will only be interested in your profile if you are a well-rounded professional. This means that you have to develop yourself apart from contributing to your particular industry. This could be people who have set up a blog, published serious articles or journals, spoken at conferences or even volunteered their professional skills.

In Closing

Being headhunted is much like the dating game. If you’re needy and pushy, which happens when you are out of a job, you’ll find it harder to catch a lucy break. On the contrary, if you are relaxed and in no hurry, the chances of you climbing up the corporate ladder will be easier than you think.

So, are there any other ways by which you can increase your chances of being headhunted? If so, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.