Networking is part and parcel of professional life. Developing and growing your professional network is a crucial part of any career strategy. Making the right connections can lead you to your dream job, so it’s important to constantly work on your networking skills so that you can network effectively.

Here are some tips to help you improve your professional networking efforts:

Nametag Placement

This may seem like the ultimate in nitpicking, but there is a science in where you place your nametag during conferences and other networking events. Most people will automatically place a nametag on the left side of their chest. However, when you think things through it makes more sense to wear it on the right side instead. The reason is incredibly simple. When you shake hands with someone your right side is more prominent and seen more by the person you’re shaking hands with rather than your left. If your nametag is on the right side it will be easy to read, and make your name easier to remember.

Hit the Right Conversational Tone

Making a good impression means that your first conversation with someone needs to hit the right kind of tone. You want to avoid two extremes–lack of confidence and overconfidence. Doing simple things like maintaining eye contact, keeping a relaxed posture and using the other person’s name during the conversation all help to make a good impression. Don’t let your ego have a field day by talking about yourself too much as this can come off as arrogance.

Follow Up after the Networking Event

After the event is over a good way to develop your network is to reach out with people you connected with via email. One good way to do this is through email.

Another way to do this is through LinkedIn. When you send an invitation to connect, make sure that you include details like which networking conference or event you met and some of the things that the person shared with you. These would help them recall who you are.

If you’ve given a really good first impression during the networking event, they would be more than happy to continue communicating with you.

Getting Additional Help

If after reading this you realise that you need more help and coaching, websites like King of CV can be a really good place to find this. These kinds of websites offer networking advice and strategies for professionals looking to develop their network and utilise it to its maximum potential.