Hiring a professional CV writer is the quickest, and perhaps the smartest, way of creating a meticulous and effective CV. Your CV can be the difference between receiving a call for an interview or being brushed aside.

If you are yet to be convinced of the benefits of hiring a CV writer, use the following tips to create an effective one.

Keep it Brief

No recruiter wants to spend more than six seconds on your CV. If it’s eye-catching you’ll get 30 seconds at most.

So you must keep your CV brief, and attractive.

How do you hack that?

Avoid using generic self-descriptions and simple or including common skills. Stick to the facts and remove irrelevant experience from the CV. Remember to give it lots of empty spaces to reduce the visual load for the reader.

Start Sentences with Verbs – Avoid Starting with the First Person

Whereas it’s not illegal to use the first person pronoun in the CV, restrict it to the middle of sentences. Start sentences using powerful verbs like led, recognized, directed, guided, improved, expanded, etc. You can say “Recognized for being proactive.”

A Professional CV writer would know these “CV language rules” and can guide you through.

Briefly Explain Any Gaps in Your Career History

It’s important to inform a potential recruiter about significant gaps in your career history. Leaving the gaps unexplained or trying to subtly cover them will only trigger interesting imaginations. 

Be brief and honest about the gap and use it as a stepping stone by briefly describing how you were occupied during the gap.

But don’t dwell on the gaps. Instead, focus more on the value you bring.

Bullet Your Achievements and Responsibilities

Don’t try to impress with long stories explaining your achievements and responsibilities. Stick to the facts, and keep it brief. Also, keep it to three or four achievements or responsibilities. Remember, don’t stretch the visual load.

Emphasize on More Recent Roles

If you have many years of experience, stick to the more recent and relevant ones. Other experiences may be helpful, but reserve these for the interview. Remember, the resume should first get you noticed.

Include Other Skills That May Give You a Plus

Apart from the job-related skills, you can mention other skills. Remember to back up each claim. For instance, you can mention that you have strong interpersonal skills. Use an example to demonstrate how the skill resulted in better results.

Lastly, Proof Read It and Pass It Through a Friend

If you are still convicted that you don’t need the services of a professional CV writer, these tips will help you craft an attractive CV. Recruiters will spend more time on it and you’ll get more invitations for interviews. But before you dispatch it, have a friend, preferably a peer, or someone senior, have a look and give you feedback. Also, look out for and correct simple errors in language and typos. These are often the first criterion used by recruiters to throw out a CV.