Auckland CV writer King of CV says those looking to find a job need to differentiate themselves better.

Professional CV and resume writer King of CV says that a large number of people still think that a CV is a document that just needs to outline what they have done. Many people are still struggling to realise the value of having this document prepared professionally.

Senior coach Parker says you need to ensure you stand out when you apply for a job. “It’s no good to assume that just because others don’t have their CV professionally crafted, means you shouldn’t have to either. If there are 500 people applying for the same job as you, say as an electrician, which is very likely, and only 5 of those people had their CV professionally written, don’t you think those 5 would be most likely to stand out?”

“It’s too common that people will say their friend gave them their CV to use as a guide, or to say they wrote one up based on a free online template. That’s what at least half the people out there are doing. If everyone is doing the same thing, how do you actually plan on getting noticed?”.

The answer is to have your CV professionally written by a writer who is able to research your abilities correctly, up-sell your experience, and write you an excellent document that gets you an interview.

Here are five key tips to include with your CV.

1) Have a good CV template – Make sure your CV or resume template suits the type of job you are applying for and is easy to understand.

2) Keep it to a maximum of 3 pages – CV’s should not be more than 3 pages unless in exceptional circumstances.

3) Write an objective statement that keeps the employer in mind – Consider what employers in your industry are looking for, and build this into your profile.

4) Talk about your achievements – It’s helpful to explain what you have achieved. Any special statistics, results and recognition are all great to mention here.

5) Include your interests – In New Zealand and Australia it’s important to include your interests in the CV to come across as a well-rounded person.

Senior coach Valmont, who also helps clients prepare themselves for interviews, recommends targeting your CV to every job you apply for. “Consider who you are, and what the employer wants. Likely you will find cross-over, and this is what you need to promote in the CV”.

“Check the job ad carefully. Likely you will find clear giveaways about what the employer is looking for. If you don’t have what an employer is looking for, consider going down the route of further training, perhaps even part time. There are many good short courses out there.”

If you aren’t sure how to do this, a professional CV or resume writer is the best person to contact. Typically they will

1) Move your CV on to a modern, effective template, which is easily recognised by recruiters

2) Re-word your CV heavily to match what the employer is looking for, and promote your achievements.

3) Produce an effective document that sells what you have to offer as benefits to a company.

A professional CV is a document that will make you much more likely to get job interviews, and one which you can keep for life.