Creating a personal website is relatively easy these days. Many providers have software that lets you create a website very easily, with minimal computer expertise required. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why having a personal website can be a huge benefit to your job search.

It’s a Great Way to Establish Your Personal Brand

Having a personal brand is an important career strategy. It lets you market your particular blend of qualities and qualifications that make you unique in the job market. Having a personal website is an ideal way to present your personal brand. It gives you the chance to present yourself as a industry leader and influencer by marketing your skills effectively and strategically.

It’s a Perfect Venue for a Blog

Most website providers give you the option of adding a blog to your website. Having a blog gives you the opportunity to offer commentary and opinions on issues of relevance within your chosen field. It gets your ideas out there for potential employers to see. It establishes you as someone who needs to be read, whose ideas are important. It gives you your own unique voice within the industry.

Your Personal Website Doubles Up as Your Portfolio

Having a personal website allows you to showcase your achievements. Together with your CV, a personal blog gives you the opportunity to go into greater depth about the bullet points in your CV. You can feature examples of you work, provide visual representations, graphics, pictures. It gives you a chance to give a full presentation of your talents and experience.

It’s a Great Way for Recruiters to Find You

When recruiters receive CVs for a job opening, it’s now pretty much standard practice to Google prospective candidates for a job to see what information is available on them. If you have a personal website, you’re giving the recruiter access to your career showcase. It lets recruiters see in detail why you’re perfect for the job, by giving them all the information they need on your skills, experience, and qualifications.

Photo credits: zsoolt via Flickr