With competition on the job market becoming fiercer than ever before, it is vital to give your CV an edge over competitors.

One of the best ways to stand out from a crowd is by working with a professional CV writer. But a CV writer cannot come up with content for your resume. They only work with what you give them.  

If you think you’ve exhausted all your ‘CV worthy’ accomplishments, have a second look. You can still pack it with insightful and helpful things that you do while away from work.

Here are four things you can include to boost your CV.

Community Gigs

Do you get involved in the community while you are away from work?

If no, find something that you can do for the community. If yes, ask the CV writer to include it in your CV.

It could be faith-based, or a campaign on behalf of the community. You could be lending a hand at a local school. Whatever you do, mention it in your CV.

Involvement in the community shows that you are a caring person, you are a team player and you have convictions connected to a ‘bigger picture.’ These are appealing qualities that employers look out for.

But be careful not to include things that could spark negative responses. For instance, your political allegiance. Try to keep it to what’s generally regarded as noble; like saving the planet.

Online Courses

While you are away from work you would be the kind of person who fancies learning a thing or two on the internet.

It doesn’t have to be related to your line of work. It could be a craft, a hobby or perhaps a new language.

Whatever you’ve learned, work with a CV writer to creatively craft it in your CV.

Apart from conveying the message that you desire to grow intellectually, it shows employers that you have the energy and versatility to learn new things and skills. This is an appealing trait for employers who often want skilled people who can also learn new stuff.

Participation in Networking Events

Are you a member of a professional association?

Professionals including accountantsengineerslawyersfinancial advisors, and many others have professional associations that hold events regularly.

Plan to attend a few events when you are away from work. Look for opportunities to contribute during the events. For instance, you can give a speech or write articles and post in a professionals group on LinkedIn.

If you’re visible in the networks, include such information in your CV. It enhances your credibility and places you as a thought leader and trendsetter.

Personal Development

How good are you at public speaking? Or how well do you manage time? Do you communicate clearly? Do you display confidence?

If you’ve been doing something about your personal development, it’s worth mentioning it to the CV writer and include it in your CV.

Many people learn skills like speed reading, or budgeting through life experiences. No matter how good you are at your job, such skills will only make you better. When you include personal development endeavors in your CV it’s a great plus to any employer. These skills enhance your proficiency and are useful to grow your career.

Reach out to a professional CV writer and give your CV an edge with you do when away from work.