The IT job market, as everybody knows by now, has gained tremendous traction, being one of the most sought after industries in almost every nation. The sector attracts hordes of people today, all of whom are drawn by the many promising opportunities the industry offers, which is further reinforced by the various divisions within the industry itself, which is something very few professions can boast of.

Canada has lately become a lucrative ground for people within the IT job market, owing to the wonderful opportunities presenting themselves to professionals within the country. Being one of the most successful industries in the nation, Canada’s IT job market abounds in jobs, and IT professionals in the country earn a wage of about 52% higher than professionals within other industries. Canada, as well as its IT job market, are especially welcoming of foreign nationals, driven by a need for international talent and a diverse workforce, thus opening more doors for anyone who may be keen on moving to Canada and participating in their lively IT industry.

While being in Canada, and eligible for a job in the IT industry might make the entire process a cakewalk for you, the fact remains that you still require some propelling forces to help you get the hang of things, and most of these are dependent on you:

1: Design your resume smartly for the IT job market

This holds irrespective of whether you are a local seeking a job, or a foreign national looking for a lucrative opening in the market. Most employers the world across shortlist candidates based on their resumes, and Canada is no exception. Highlight your skills and experiences, and what you think you can add to the organisation, as well as the industry in general. Hiring a professional CV writer ensures that you further your purpose, and prevent dissuading prospective employers from hiring you.

2: Make use of social media

Sites such as LinkedIn, designed especially for professionals within specific industries, are a great asset to someone looking for a job, especially since online presence has such a broad reach. Recruiters often scout social media for prospective candidates for their organisation, and being active online could give you an edge over others. Whichever site you prefer to work with, make sure you remain focused upon your industry of interest, so that prospective employers’ attention is drawn immediately to you.

3: Research and networking

These two often go hand-in-hand. Before venturing into a new job market or a new industry, it is vital that you have sufficient knowledge about it, and this calls for extensive research on your part. While the internet has several resources that can help you with this, you can also log in the assistance of friends and people within the industry. This will also ensure that you have a sort of network fashioned, which, in a country like Canada, is vital, since many job opportunities are never advertised here, but depend mainly on word0of-mouth referrals. Therefore, networking is critical, and in doing so, not only will you get to meet some incredible people, but you will also leave the door open for employers to get in touch with you, instead of necessarily the other way around.

Canada is a lucrative market for professionals, especially in terms of how your career pans out and the opportunities that will be made available to you. However, reaping all the benefits of the IT sector in Canada requires dedication on your part, to your career, as well as to the points mentioned above. Once you sail through them, there is no stopping you.