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Mistakes that make recruiters play down your CV?

The average recruiter takes less than seven seconds to make a judgement about your CV. [...]

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You should get your CV by a Professional CV Writer. HereR...

CVs play an important role in determining whether or not you get a job. This [...]

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Including technical skills on your CV can pay off; here’s ...

The IT industry, rapidly advancing as it is, has led to a growing demand for [...]

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How to Write a CV for Information Technology – IT

With the proliferation of technology across several verticals, the need for IT professionals continues to [...]

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How to go about writing an effective IT CV

Those that have experience applying for a highly coveted job know the importance of a [...]

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Employers appreciate a professionally written CV – here’...

Employers within an organisation have their fair share of experiences screening and hiring people regularly, [...]

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Should I include references in your CV?

Generally, no. References are rarely part of the CV unless explicitly requested in the application. [...]

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What You Need to Know About Making Mistakes with Job Referen...

Almost anyone knows that a job search is much like a new marketing campaign. Without [...]

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What Does a Perfect CV Look Like in 2019?

There’s a difference between people who have average CVs and those who have written near-perfect [...]

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How to Write a CV for Teaching

Very few people recognise the fact that the profession that starts all other jobs involves [...]

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