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I want to change occupations

Tips for Managing a Career Change

In many ways, top leaders can contribute their expertise to almost any industry. The ability [...]

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Is it Time for a Career Change? 5 Signals that Say “YES”

A career is usually considered a stable and unchanging thing, where the only place to [...]

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Unhappy at Work? 5 Questions to Ask Why

More and more people are now unhappy at work. Surprisingly, a lot of them didn’t [...]

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Executive Level Communication

Working in an executive level position requires a particular skill set. One of those skills [...]

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5 Pieces of Career Advice No One Talks About

There’s no shortage of career advice, quite honestly. All you need to do is to [...]

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4 Damaging Actions to Avoid After You Have Resigned

We’ve all been there. In a frustrating, less-than-perfect job. It can very tempting to announce [...]

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The Qualifications Quandary

One of the struggles for a job seeker is seeing a job advertised that you [...]

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Think Right, And You’ll Get The Right Job

Seeking a job in New Zealand during challenging economic times can be disheartening. Even at [...]

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Tired of Getting Interviews, Not the Job?

As a job seeker, few things are as discouraging as failing at the final hurdle. [...]

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How To Write A Thank You Note That Gets You A Job

Trying to find a job? Just been to a job interview? Sending a thank you [...]

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