The internet is an important resource for recruiters and employers. Today, more recruiters are turning to job boards to search for skilled, high-quality candidates. On the other hand, job seekers only have to upload their CVs on an online database and wait to receive communications about jobs.

Many people think that you don’t need the services of a CV writer for this. You only need to invest 15 minutes, and your CV is available to hundreds of recruiters. It sounds wonderful and easy. But you have to do a lot more.

Below are three tactics you can use to optimize your CV in an online database.

How Do Recruiters Spot Your CV?

It’s vital to understand how job boards work, and how recruiters narrow down to specific resumes.

You’ve got to do more than just invest 15 minutes uploading your CV on a job board. Reputable platforms don’t charge job seekers. It’s the recruiters who pay to access the database with thousands of CVs. That means a job board could have thousands of resumes in the database.

On their part, recruiters want to efficiently get the best-fit candidates. To achieve this, they use both automated and manual techniques. The more you know about these techniques, the better your chances.

Here’s how you can improve your chances.

They Use Robots to Find the Right Keywords

Recruiters use robots to narrow down their searches. These robots search through thousands of CVs for the right keywords. The keywords often relate to the industry, job titles, essential skills and competencies, professional associations and technical or academic qualifications that are essential for the job.

You’ve got to use the right keywords.

For instance, when describing skills for jobs related to accounting and bookkeeping, just mentioning that you have ‘excellent computer skills’ is insufficient. You should mention the specific skills such as proficiency with Xero systems or QuickBooks. Also, mentioning specific software like Microsoft Excel gives you a better chance of landing on a search than just mentioning Microsoft Office.

You should also use keywords when describing previous responsibilities and achievements.

If finding and applying these keywords is a daunting task for you, reach out to a CV writer in New Zealand, and get the help you need.

Match Your Previous Experiences and Qualifications to The Job Description

Job seekers often upload their CVs after spotting a job they wish to apply for. Part of the advertisement is a comprehensive job description, as well as a ‘picture’ of the ‘ideal candidate.’ This includes an explanation of the nature of experiences and qualifications the recruiter desirers.

Use this information as a guide to further tweak your CV.

For instance, the accounting job could further require people with experiences in the manufacturing sector or those who have attained a specific academic qualification. You can work with a CV writer to include experiences or equivalent alternative aligned to the job description.

Walk a Mile in a Recruiter’s Shoes

Lastly, before you click the upload button on the job board, try and walk a mile in the recruiter’s shoes.

Think about the various job titles used in the industry to describe the role you are gunning for. Also, think about different phrases used in the industry to describe key skills and competencies. Apply the most common phrases and job titles when writing your CV.

Using the right kind of phrases and job titles will enhance your chances of landing grabbing the recruiter’s attention.

Review your CV on a job board with the help of a CV writer in New Zealand. They will help you to use these tactics to think like a search engine and apply these tactics.