Lately a lot of job seekers have been trying to ‘combat’ the downturn in the employment market by applying for all sorts of jobs. Recruiters can receive hundreds of applications a week and the fact is it can be difficult to weed through who is fit for the role.

While this might make sense for this so called ‘numbers game’, it’s important to remember plenty of other people are also doing the same. Customising your cover letter, especially when applying through recruitment agencies, Seek, TradeMe Jobs and so forth is one way to get yourself noticed.

Customising your cover letter can come in the way of recognising who the company is, what skills you have that are relevant, and focusing on what you have to offer for that particular role.

A cover letter should be short and carefully stay away from being ambiguous. Using generic cliches and buzz words are a common technique, but struggle to really make a mark in today’s overly competitive job market.