Nursing students applying to hospitals or similar healthcare faculties, you might find yourself appealing to busy professionals and recruiters with barely enough time to peruse your detailed CV. Most people just scan your CV before deciding whether or not to forward it to a higher official who can go through it in some leisure. Your CV must convey its central message efficiently so that the person reading it may forward it.

The nursing profession is one that has a wide range of opportunities and positions, and irrespective of the specific position you are applying for, the need remains the same – that of an objective, clear CV that can very clearly convey what you bring to the organisation and how you can advance its goals.

How to Write a CV for Nursing Students

List career objective statements

It is essential to put forward your career objectives and intentions as plainly in as few words as possible at the outset of your CV. This would focus on how you would contribute to the organisation and its long-term goals, and how, consequently, this will affect your own long-term goals. A catchy objective statement is a sure-shot way of ensuring the reader’s attention and have him read further into your CV.

Highlight key skills and experience

The key skills section is essential, especially since nursing students require a wide array of skills you need to use on a daily basis. It would be advantageous to highlight these in your CV and emphasise any that you think add particularly to the long-term objectives of the organisation you are applying to. Highlight any experience you may have, including any volunteering.

Provide evidence of teamwork

Highlight instances during your study or work experience where you may have displayed teamwork; this is of great importance for nursing students seeking employment, and something employers are particularly interested in, in addition to your grades.

Undoubtedly, nursing students need to have extremely strong and focused CVs to be hired for a preferred job. However, make sure not to make your CV too detailed or delve into irrelevant facts. For instance, need to list your coursework, irrespective of how relevant it may seem. It would also not be recommended to include basic technological skills, such as knowledge of Microsoft Office. Most importantly, ensure your CV is free from grammatical and typographical errors; this can be a significant factor in your CV not being forwarded despite the solid claims you may have on the job.

While it may seem daunting, remember that the point is to market yourself and your skills, and you can rest assured that if you follow this through well, you will be one step closer to landing your dream job. If you want to have a fool-proof CV and are not sure how to write one, get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to help you out!