If your CV is going to be viewed on a computer screen, ease and speed of reading becomes more important. Use headlines and bold font to draw your reader’s eyes down the screen. Be as concise as possible: use very short sentences and abbreviations.

Packing your CV with buzz words to the point that it reads awkwardly might get it thrown out when it’s read by human eyes.

A shorter two to three page CV can be more appropriate than a full CV– especially if your CV is then going to be passed on to another person.

Don’t neglect your online presence. A blog, LinkedIn profile or online portfolio is a good way to provide extra information about your background and links to your work.

Tailor your CV for each job you apply to. When a CV is set out correctly, all the key attributes that highlight you as a suitable candidate are easy to see. If you are applying for a role in accounting, they want to find out about your accounting skills more then they want to find out about your interest in childcare or sports.

Remember – let us at King of CV do the hard work for you. We are a friendly team that knows exactly what employers want to hear and we’ll get you much closer to your dream job!