LinkedIn has roughly about 500 million users and counting. Let that number sink in for a few seconds. However, that’s not all: 40 percent of these users check their LinkedIn profile daily. That’s enough reason to use this networking site to look for work given the reach it has for both businesses and potential employees.

There’s a big difference between creating a mere LinkedIn profile to look for work and curating the information you post at your profile to target jobs at organizations that you’d like to work for. This factor alone determines whether your profile is high-quality or not among several others.

It should be evident that the better your LinkedIn profile appears, the higher your chances of getting that all-important interview. In other words, people should come to you and not vice-versa. Keeping this in mind, here are a few pointers that can help you turn a good LinkedIn profile to a great one:

1: Take a professional looking photo

As simple as this is, taking a professional looking photograph that suits your line of work is advisable. If it’s informal or formal, then dress accordingly. A headshot is commonly used as it is easily recognizable. Finally, avoid any objects that can serve as a distraction in the background. The focus of the overall image should be simple and remain solely on the candidate.

2: Get endorsements from others

While you do have space to toot your own horn in the Summary section, it’s preferable that you have others do it for you. LinkedIn endorsements provided by others validate your skills & expertise and which is why it can be found in a section bearing the same title. The easiest way to get started with this is by endorsing your contacts’ professional skills. 

3: Highlight your achievements

While endorsements that are qualitative can serve as excellent recommendations, highlighting your achievements can give prospective employers the complete picture about your candidacy. Make sure that the highlights you do provide them are quantitative in nature. For example, you can mention how much revenue you saved or earned for your department in specific time duration. In other words, think numbers.

4: Get your LinkedIn profile done by a resume writing service.

Your LinkedIn profile serves as your online resume. Hiring the right professional CV writer will result in the curation of information that employers are looking for most in your field. When it comes to sifting through prospective candidates, details are crucial. An experienced professional CV writer will transform your LinkedIn profile from good to great by ensuring it all adds up. This, in turn, will translate to more significant traffic to your profile and more job interviews in the long run.