With 32% of New Zealand’s population, there’s a huge level of competition in the Auckland job market. Add that to the more “savvy” business owners and changes in hiring habits, and you’ve got a market that’s never been so competitive.

With that said, despite the competitive market, if you know where to look there are plenty of places to find that next job and climb the career ladder.

Here are 10 tips to finding your next job in Auckland:

  1. Indeed Job Search – One of the biggest sites to search for jobs in New Zealand, Indeed searches across 100’s of job board & company websites. You can easily search by location, Company, Title & Distance.The site is updated daily, so it’s worth bookmarking.
  2. Get a LinkedIn Profile – If you don’t yet have one, you should seriously consider it, with 92% of employers using social media to research candidates, and 3 in 5 employers using LinkedIn to identify the right employees. Consider a professionally created LinkedIn profile to improve your confidence in marketing yourself through the site.
  3. Get active on LinkedIn – Use LinkedIn’s job search to find recruiters currently hiring, join local professional groups & make professional connections to increase your reach and authority on the site. Ask trustworthy people to post reviews to your profile or leave endorsements to increase your employability.
  4. Follow companies you are interested in working for – Actively follow companies you are interested in working for on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter, even if they are not currently hiring, expressing early interest may help them to notice you, or you may find out more about the company from their social media presence.
  5. Whether they are recruiting or not, make yourself known – If you have an idea of the career you are looking to progress in, and companies you would like to work for, try getting hold of their HR department, (which should be easy enough). Send over an email with your CV and a cover letter saying why you’d like to work for them. You can go in with the confidence of a professionally written CV, and cover letter. If they don’t know about you, they can’t offer you a job! Whether they are actively employing or not.
  6. Join job agencies – There are plenty of job agencies in Auckland, some for different industries, some just offering general work.
  7. Join Facebook job groups – Connect with other jobseekers & local employers through groups to find work through Facebook.
  8. Register for job alerts – This is one of the most important steps and one that people often forget. If you find a recruiter you are interested in, remember to register for job alerts by email as you never know when it might help you out!
  9. If something doesn’t seem to be working try something else – With job searching, there are dozens of ways you can search for and apply to new jobs, it’s just a case of trying different methods until you find one that works! There are plenty around, why not give some of them a try?

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