Finding a Job, and Working in New Zealand

New Zealand has recently become subject of high growth throughout many industries due to new government projects, as well as tremendous overseas investments. Every year, thousands of people move to New Zealand to find work, and enjoy living in this country.

High Demand Jobs in New Zealand
You’re best to check Immigration NZ’s website for a list of all high demand jobs, also called jobs in ‘shortage’. But as a general rule, there are many job openings for specialists in medicine, engineering, IT, senior management, oil & gas, trades and laboring, electronics, agriculture and education.

What’s it like living in New Zealand?
New Zealand is a relatively small country. There are different parts to it, and in each town you’ll be sure to find something different.

Auckland is NZ’s busiest city far and is the commerce hub of the country. Many people work in the key areas such as the North Shore, Auckland CBD, West Auckland, and South Auckland which is a large industrial-like precinct.


Many people move to NZ and also find jobs in other cities such as Hamilton, Wellington, Queenstown, Christchurch and New Plymouth.


People who move to NZ are often impressed by the security and safety of this country. Although life is somewhat quiet here, migrants often enjoy the ‘peace’ the country offers.

What’s it like working in New Zealand?
NZ has a working culture that is relatively much more relaxed than other countries around the world. Business deals are often done over a coffee, rather than extensive formal meetings – as an example. Most New Zealanders do not work overtime unpaid, which is in contrast to some other countries. A typical working day is from 8.30 to 5pm, with 2 or 3 breaks in between.

Strong labour laws also protect the rights of employees well. So mistreatment of employees is not as common here as it might be in other parts of the world.

Socialising with workmates is common and expected in this country. Many offices adopt an open plan format, meaning you’re never really likely to be in a ‘cubicle’ format that other countries are still accustomed to. ‘Fun days’ also happen at many workplaces – such as dress up days, sports days and Secret Santa days. Participation is not usually compulsory, but you’ll be sure to join in the fun.

Getting good immigration advice
It is important to get good immigration advice if you are moving, or want to consider moving to New Zealand. There are different types of work visas and residency visas available. Many people find NZ not to be such as ‘closed door’ in migrating, as they may find with countries like the USA – but nevertheless requires you to put a lot of effort in your job search.

Writing a CV for New Zealand
CV standards in NZ are different to those in other parts of the world. CVs are written here in a clear 2-3 page format, in language that is not overly formal, but still professional. Achievement based CVs are also commonly found here.

Finding a Job In New Zealand
If you are in the process of finding a job in NZ, you should solicit the help of a CV writing service that is able to provide CV help, as well as job interview coaching.

In our service, that is, King of CV, we have helped hundreds of migrants with their CVs and then coached them about the job interviews in NZ. Employers in NZ speak very differently to those in other parts of the world, and ‘fit’ or ‘personality’ is important. It is not fair to say that if you are a genius, you’ll be getting a job offer. Many employers are looking for someone who will blend well with the “Kiwi culture” and this is something you should speak to a coach about.