It can seem like an uphill struggle, finding a job that meets your needs, or even just finding one at all.

While it remains true is that the job market is more competitive than ever, businesses are becoming more ‘savvy’ when hiring, so there’s a lot to contend with.   Whether you are just out of university, out of work, or looking for a career change, here are 5 tips to help you find a new job:

Take the time to understand their needs

In advertising, successful companies tailor their ads to speak directly to the people they want to buy their products.  That might be kids, mums, or the retired.   These same principles can be applied in job searching. Tailoring your CV and cover letter to the job or industry you are applying for helps the recruiter to envisage you in the role.  Speak their language, understand their needs, and focus on getting these points across.

Take advantage of professional networks

Although LinkedIn has 250m users, there are still millions more that don’t use it, and of it’s members, many do not take full advantage of the website.

59% of recruiters rated candidates sourced from social networks as “highest quality.”- according to job site Jobvite.

Recruiters are regularly using social media websites to source, hire, and screen potential applicants.  They allow those looking for jobs to make closer relationships with the decision makers in a company, make themselves known, and better understand just who the company is looking to hire.

Always try to remain positive

It’s very important to remain in a positive mindset when searching for a new job – if you’re positive you will be more motivated to find a new job, and find the right one!  This may then be more likely to come across in your application and your job interview.   It is very easy to become discouraged in the very competitive job market, but it’s important to keep your head up and keep your confidence up.  The next job could be right around the corner.


Make yourself known and build a relationship

Making yourself known to the employer is hugely important when applying for new jobs.

They can get dozens, even hundreds of applicants, so anything you can do to stand out from the crowd is a serious advantage.

Just simple things like finishing an email with “I look forward to hearing from you”, makes a closer connection between you and the employer.  Even contacting potential employers who are not yet recruiting, but you’d like to work for them.   It’s far more important to be spending time on a job you’re going to enjoy, than getting stuck in some dead-end job that’s going to bore you every day.

Remember to follow up on emails and try to get across how interested in the position you are. Employers would much rather give the job  to someone who really wants it, than someone who just applies frivolously.