Finding Your Passion


We all want to work in a job we love. But sometimes identifying what we truly want to do can be difficult. We can be unsure of what will bring us the most satisfaction in our working lives. One very helpful way to address this problem is to spend some time discovering what you’re truly passionate about. Here are five steps to help you achieve that.


  1. Be Open To Every Possibility

We often rule out careers we think we might love because we focus only on the obstacles, and rule them out because we think we could never make it happen. However, to truly discover you passion, banish the word “impossible”. Open yourself up to any possibility. Allow yourself to picture yourself in any job you can imagine would make you truly happy.


  1. Brainstorm

Take some paper and start to brainstorm about the jobs you’re excited about. Ask yourself what you need to do to get the jobs you’d love to do – what qualifications and experience you need. Find out where you can gain these. Map out a vision of how to make your passion a reality.


  1. Research

Take some time to really research careers you’re excited about. Read accounts of what day-to-day life is like in those job, find out about any drawbacks or downsides, discover where’s the best place to do them.


  1. Talk To Others

Talking to others can help you to discover what you truly want to do in life. Have an honest talk with a trusted friend or family member. Open up to them and you may discover that in verbalizing your thoughts to them you can gain a better focus on what you want from you career.


  1. Tackle The Practicalities

Tackle the practicalities involved. If you need particular qualifications, find out where you can earn them. Look into online universities and brick and mortar options. Look into companies that would hire you in your chosen career.