Filling out a job application? Did you know a job application is your first opportunity to make a good impression? Leaving spaces blank on a job application may not give hiring managers enough information for them to feel that you are a good fit for their company. Would you be a good fit for the company’s culture? Without being able to access your skills and experience as a good match, you may lose a job before getting to the interview stage. Did you know that 500 workers applied for 50 jobs available in one burger chain’s 2013 job posting? With so many applicants for one job posting, employers are looking for even the smallest mistakes to dismiss unqualified workers. Failing to make a good impression by not following directions on an application may take you out of the job running on the first run. According to one hiring manager 60 to 70 percent of job applicants filling out an electronic application do not follow directions.

If companies are posting more jobs, why have unemployment rates jumped 33 percent for New Zealanders in the last year? Did you know that failures to adequately fill out an application may cause hiring managers to dismiss applicants and sink opportunities to be offered an interview? Gaps that aren’t adequately explained may scream ‘Do Not Hire Me.’ How can you score an interview without raising red flags with hiring managers? Customising your cover letter may help you get an interview.

Use social media to help get you an interview

Using action words in your cover letter can help hiring managers decide whether an applicant is qualified for a job. New Zealanders have a greater opportunity to land a job if they can effectively show employers how they fit into the workplace culture and what they can do for the business. Did you know that many potential employees may have a stellar cover letter that gets an employer’s attention? However, New Zealand job seekers shouldn’t bank simply on the fact that a hiring manager is going to give you an interview based on a cover letter alone. Did you know that 61 percent of job seekers say it is harder to find a job this year than last year?

Social media may help your job search,however, not all job seekers utilise Facebook or Twitter. Did you know that 85 percent of job seekers have a Facebook profile, but they may not be using it to get a job? Having a cover letter and allowing a hiring manager to see a social profile may increase your chances of landing an interview. Hiring managers can use information on social media profiles to match skills that align with their company needs.

Paying attention to detail may get you a job (and an interview)

Did you know that mistakes on a cover letter could lose you an interview before you even get the job? Hiring managers shy away from cover letters with mistakes in spelling and grammar. You may not realise it, but mistakes can signal to employers that you are careless and not up to the task of handling a job that requires specific, specialised skills.

This is why it is a good idea to use spellcheck. In a recent survey, 84 percent of executives said two mistakes were enough to take a candidate out of the running for a job. However, job seekers shouldn’t just use a computer program to check for mistakes. Job seekers should proofread their own cover letters. It isn’t just mistakes that will stop you from getting that dream job. Some potential employees think their resume is enough.

Never forget the cover letter

However, the truth is that a resume and cover letter is your time to showcase your skills and experience. A cover letter can mean the difference between a job and no job. By following directions, explaining work gaps, not making spelling or grammar mistakes, customising a cover letter for each job posting, and sending a cover letter with job application, New Zealanders can land the job they want. Isn’t it nice to know you can land a dream job and make yourself more hireable? Have you ever lost an opportunity because you failed to take full advantage of having a cover letter and using social media?

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