Using Your Network and Your Qualifications for Personal Branding

New Zealand’s competitive job market make it essential that job seekers seek to stand out from their competitors. In the age of social media, one of the most effective ways of achieving this is through personal branding, which is why developing a personal branding strategy is a key part of securing a dream job in today’s market. Personal branding markets your strengths, achievements, qualifications, and qualities so that prospective employers see you as someone they want to have working for them.

In adopting a personal branding strategy you focus on marketing you key skills, qualifications, and achievements in order to promote yourself to potential employers. Two areas of your professional life that are critical to the success of any personal branding strategy are your qualifications and your network. Using these aspects of your professional life in the right way can have a hugely positive influence on your personal branding strategy.

Highlight Your Qualifications

When you work on a personal branding strategy you’re marketing yourself as a specialist in a particular area – whether it’s sales, IT, administration, teaching, or something else. Your personal branding strategy is your way of telling potential employers that you’re good at what you do, and you know all about it. Highlighting your relevant educational qualifications on your CV and social media profiles, especially on LinkedIn, is essential. It allows you to show potential employers that you’re not someone they need to take a chance on – you’re properly qualified for your chosen field. It’s also important to highlight any professional qualifications you’ve attained or are in the process of attaining. Showing that you’re pursuing ongoing professional development highlights that you’re ambitious to be the best at what you do, and that you’re driven to succeed.

Develop Your Network

Networking is essential in today’s world. Having and constantly building up a professional network is a must for anyone who wants to succeed as a professional. Arguably the most influential networking tool in the contemporary world is LinkedIn. Having a LinkedIn profile is beyond essential for anyone who wants to advance their career. LinkedIn not only lets you make your professional credentials available for any interested employers, it also allows you to build all-important networking relationships. Personal branding experts at King of CV, a leading CV writing and professional consultant service in New Zealand, advise their clients to makes sure they have a professional LinkedIn profile that will develop their professional network: “LinkedIn is the social media heart for job seekers in today’s world. The networking relationships that it allows you to develop can lead to job opportunities and positive career changes that weren’t as readily available before now.”

Personal branding is a job seeking strategy for the 21st century. It demands careful planning, but it can deliver very positive results. Using your qualifications and networking relationships in the right way is an important part of developing a successful personal branding strategy. Make sure you use these crucial aspects of your professional life to their full potential.