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How It Works & FAQs.

How It Works


Step 1: We review your situation

We review your situation for free by understanding your prior experience, and what you aspire to do next (e.g. get paid more, find a new job, move up, find something simpler, closer to home, etc.).



Step ​2: We ask you for information

We ask you for more information on your prior skills, experience and education.

Step ​3: We make your new CV

We send you your new CV and you can use it to start applying for jobs.



Step ​4: Optional LinkedIn Profile & Coaching

We do your LinkedIn profile and coach you for job interviews so employers can find you online, and so you can perform far better than other candidates at job interviews.



Yes; in fact, many employers and recruiters have said that they prefer well-documented and clear CVs that explain why you would be the best choice for the job in question. Often, for them, going sifting through hundreds of CVs to zero in on one individual is a difficult task, and presenting a professional CV can give you a clear edge over the others.
We are experts in writing professional CVs in all fields (with our tremendous experience of over 4000 clients)- and we know just what clicks in the industry. Additionally, we have a sustained reputation for helping clients land jobs across the country, as well as overseas. Our CVs are customised to agree with clients’ requirements, with a touch of the industry knowledge that we are proud of. Furthermore, we were rated NZ’s #1 CV Writer by TMS in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and our professional practice is governed by two Certified Professional Résumé Writers (CPRWs) and recruitment experts.
You send us your CV, along with some links or examples of the kinds of jobs you wish to apply for, and we can give you a free appraisal. If you don’t have a CV yet, you can still feel free to email us about any information you may require.

We then ask you via email the questions and information we require in order for us to be able to design your CV. In case we need clarifications, we’ll contact you. Typically, it takes us about a week to write your CV and cover letter (you can have it delivered faster through our urgent services), after which we will send it over to you!

Of course! It is not necessary that you have sights on a specific job in order for us to write a CV for you. However, it would be great if you could give us an insight into your preferences, because different jobs call for different means.
Yes. Your CV will be delivered to you in a Microsoft Word document, and you can tweak it in any manner you please.
Your CV is editable, and that means that any moment a change is required, you can do it yourself. That being said, if, within a week of our delivering the CV, you need a correction made, just drop us an email highlighting the changes point-by-point. If it is past that point in time, and you require an update, say a few months later, or a year later, you can, of course, go for it yourself, or you can approach us, and we’ll be glad to help you out for a CV update fee.
80-90% of our clients in surveys we conducted have managed to successfully land a job interview of their choice using the CVs we wrote for them. Many of them also had job offers, and in great cases, multiple job offers to choose from. This is incredible, especially since most of them were struggling to land a job interview previously. Our services can help you land a great job, or, at the very least, toward a job interview. Of course, this also requires you to keep applying for suitable jobs at the same time.
We cover all of these, providing services for everyone – from students to senior level professionals – covering all arenas therefore. Our customers find tremendous value in the services we provide, communicating as they do just what they stand for.
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