Whether you are looking for a job, or you want to build your career, LinkedIn is one of the best resources available for you today. But you must have an eye-catching profile, and be smart when networking. A CV maker service provider can help you build such a profile.

With over 660 million users, chances are, your boss is also on the platform and you are likely to be connected. Updating your LinkedIn profile regularly is a great way to keep yourself visible and attract recruiters. But this could also be perceived as warning signals by your current boss.

How can you keep your LinkedIn profile without drawing the wrong kind of attention?

Here’s how to be strategic when updating your LinkedIn profile.

Not Before You’ve Communicated Your Intention to Leave

Communicating with your current boss about your intention to leave is a matter of personal judgment. It relies on the kind of person your boss is and the kind of relationship you have.

If your boss is an open-minded and supportive professional, go ahead and inform him or her about your desire to expand your responsibilities and explore new opportunities. Chances are, they will be happy to support you and help you explore opportunities within the organization. 

It’ll not be so great for the team to lose you. But they’ll be happy about your progress. Also, an update on your LinkedIn profile won’t attract suspicious looks, and a move out of the organization won’t be such a shocker.

However, if you have a frosty relationship with your current boss, and he or she is not open-minded or supportive, avoid breaking the news. Here’s more on how you can update your LinkedIn profile.

Turn off “Notify Your Network”

Have you noticed that every time you make a change on your LinkedIn profile, it immediately sends a notification to your network? Even if it’s a minor change of wording as recommended by a CV maker service to include better keywords.

Of course, you have to deal with the embarrassment that follows and let your entire network know that you’ve not changed roles but just did a minor update.

You don’t have to go to a CV Maker service to stop the notifications. Just follow this simple procedure shared by the LinkedIn team and adjust your “notification settings”.  This helps you to choose the kind of changes to notify your network.

Turn off Your Activity/ News Mention Broadcasts, Sharing Profile Edits and Change Who Can See Your Activity Feeds

Apart from adjusting the kind of notifications to send to your network, you should also turn off the option for sharing profile edits. This way, you are certain that no profile edit will turn up. 

However, turning off the notification and sharing profile edits does not hide the Activity section from your profile. All it takes for your current boss to know that you’ve been making changes is a brief look at your profile. That would even raise more suspicion.

But you can limit the visibility of your LinkedIn activity and restrict the visibility of your activity feeds to only you. 

If these procedures take too much of your time, and you are wondering if you’ll do a thorough job, reach out to a CV maker service provider. They’ll help you get it right.

Don’t be too Quick to Update After Penning the New Job

Your efforts in job hunting will pay off soon. But don’t be too quick to request the CV maker service to update your profile. Have a chat with your new boss, especially if it’s a public-facing role, and get your brand in line with your new employer or at least until after your probation period is over.