Writing a CV seems to be a straight-forward thing that anyone can hack. After all, how hard can it be to list down the places you’ve worked and what you’ve done?

If that’s your mindset, you probably don’t see the need for hiring a CV writer. But a CV is more than just a simple outline of your achievements and experiences in a generic template. The contents of your CV matter. You could be saying the wrong things about yourself, even with a great background.

Here’s how a CV writer will help you ensure your CV communicates the right things.

Mention the Key Skills and Achievements On Your Profile

Your profile is like a piece of prime real estate. But many people waste this space by talking about their personality and soft skills without giving any concrete evidence.

Avoid talking about your personality at this point. For starters, avoid words such as passionate and hardworking. They are overused. Few recruiters consider such expressions as a true reflection of your personality.

Instead, include brief, but concrete examples to showcase your personality. If you have strong interpersonal skills, tell the CV writer how your “strong management skills” translated to customer retention during tough times.

On Employment History Don’t Write a JD, Write Key Activities and Responsibilities

Many people write their JDs when capturing their employment history. But that’s a lot of fluff and downright boring. Also, you could be unconsciously expressing your worries in your CV. For instance, you could be subconsciously justifying why you left a job in your employment history.

Rather than write a JD in the CV, list down the main activities. Show how you added value and what you delivered to the organization.

Did you streamline a process?

Did your efforts result in better productivity, cost reduction or improved revenue?

Mention real examples to support your claims.

As for the subconscious fears, don’t focus on them. The value you bring, skills and positive experiences mean much more to an employer and this is where the CV writer will major.

Highlight Your Punchline. 

Your punchline consists of the most significant achievements that are relevant to the prospective employer.

Highlight these as your career achievements even before you get to the work experiences section.

If you are looking to change careers the role may not match with your current job or experience. Perhaps your extra-curricular activities are more of a match. Rename the sub-title as “relevant skills and experiences.”

This saves the reader from trying to figure out if your skills and experiences match their needs.

Avoid Negative Energy and Errors

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of working with a CV writer is that they are emotionally detached. They will give you an objective view of both the good and the bad.

Your words mirror your character. There’s a risk that you could transmit negative career experiences by the choice of words in your CV. A professional CV writer will help you prepare a CV that consistently reflects high positive energy.

CV writers will also help you avoid errors like:

  • Insufficient evidence.
  • Being too generic.
  • Grammar and language errors.
  • Including negative information.

Keep these tips in mind when preparing your CV or working with a CV writer. Your CV will communicate the right things.