Facebook started as a social media website and has since been used for everything from finding school friends we had lost touch with to making new friends living across the world. But, did you know you can get hired using Facebook?

Facebook and work do seem discordant, but not as much as you might imagine. Ranked just behind Google as the second most popular website by Alexa, Facebook has over 300 million unique active users, and this population can be used to your advantage to get hired. Here are five ways you can get hired using Facebook:

Networking: the Key to Get Hired Using Facebook

It is right there in the description – Facebook is a social networking site. You can take this a step further and use the platform for professional networking. With its large number of users, you can be sure that most prospective employers and recruiters will be on Facebook. Approaching them through the platform could help you stand out and establish a rapport with the person, which can then lead to you get hired on Facebook.

For example, if you find out that a company you are interested in is recruiting, contacting their HR manager through Facebook will work to your advantage.

Status updates

Updating your status with what you are looking for can bring in support and help from unlikely corners. Someone might even be able to direct or reference you to a company or organisation that is looking to hire someone. If that does not work out, it will still help you widen your network.

Use the Facebook marketplace

Going through the different businesses within your area on Facebook will keep you updated on job listings, with accompanying descriptions and the name of the recruiter, is another way to get hired using Facebook. You can then directly apply or contact the individual to take the application further. There may be other, more comprehensive marketplaces out there (Craigslist, Seek, and so on), but this would mean less competition on the Facebook marketplace and higher chances that you get hired using Facebook.


Join and participate actively in groups that are attuned to your interests within the industry. You can initiate or add to discussions on the group, and this will help you eventually expand your network within the industry.


You can also post an ad campaign for yourself on Facebook and link this to your profile. The initial investment is minimal, at a rate of $1 per day, and could lead to precisely the job you want.

Using social media as a means of getting hired, although gaining traction, remains reasonably uncommon. As a job-seeker, you can use this to your advantage to get hired.