We all want to shout out to the world that we are working in our dream job. Of course, also the plum assignment that pays more than the market would not hurt. After all, it is incredible to have our cake and eat it too, right?

But not everyone is destined to get their ‘dream job’. For many of us, we can increase our chances of getting a job that is closest to our most profound aspirations and dreams. Finding a job, even if it is not your dream job is challenging. You need to devote a lot of time and effort to this.

Apart from demonstrating unwavering integrity at work, there are some best practices that one can apply in their work lives to increase their chances of getting that dream job. Here are three of them.

3 steps to finding your dream job

Step 1: Know your skills

Reflect on your top three skills. Use these skills as your keywords to help you search for job openings. LinkedIn is a great place to begin. You can look at job descriptions. At the same time, you also get the chance to speak to people in your network about jobs that come close to your idea of ‘perfection.’ Talking to hiring managers or even local professionals to learn about what are the things they are looking for in applicants can also help.

When doing your research, make sure you review all aspects of the role in question to prepare for the next step. A SWOT analysis should work just fine. This is a technique for you to understand not just your strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, the opportunities open for you.

Step 2: Connect your experience with your dream job

The next step involves connecting your previous work experience to the skills necessary in your dream job.

Let’s say you are a budding musician working as a web developer and you want to break into the music industry. You will have to connect your current skill set to the needs of an organization in the music industry. Perhaps there’s an opening that involves website development. Why not explore that opportunity?

Step 3: Tell your story

Which brings us to the third concerning creating that perfect pitch in terms of a story that weaves your experience and learnings to the industry in which you aspire to work. In other words, you have to create a story behind your ‘why.’ Write it in a way that it shows that you are enjoying your journey that you have traveled so far. Ultimately, you need to convince them that you are an excellent match for the job even if there are other candidates with more experience than you.

Of course, all these are easier said than done. There will be failures and challenges along the way as you pursue your dream job. However, try you must. If anything, these three steps might just help you get there sooner than you think.

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