Those that have experience applying for a highly coveted job know the importance of a CV – the way it is presented, and the role it plays in determining whether or not you are awarded the job, or, at the very least, called for an interview.

While CVs are of utmost importance in almost every industry (with very few exceptions), they play a more than significant role in the IT industry. An IT CV can be attributed to the growing competition within the industry, with more people being drawn to the challenges and benefits IT holds. While this translates well for the industry as a whole, that it not necessarily the case for job-seekers within the field: with recruiters faced with more options than ever before, the selection process is bound to become more stringent, as well as selective.

That is why an impressive IT CV will do wonders, helping you land your dream job within the industry. However, as many people have often experienced, merely typing out your qualifications on a sheet of paper will do nothing to recommend you. What you need is to make an impression, and that is what calls for a professional IT CV.

There are a few ways you can go about this; of course, highlighting how you would be fit for the job, as well as your interest and experience in the field are a given. You can also imbibe a bit of personality to your IT CV if you see fit. That being said, there are a few basic things it would do you well to keep in mind:

Giving a high-level overview is perhaps the most efficient manner in which to approach your IT CV. Make sure you are methodical about it, and have some organisation; recruiters are very rarely impressed by a disheveled IT CV that jumps to and fro, and lacks sequence, so to say. An organised, high-level CV reflects an organisation in your approach to work as well, which always bodes well.

Do not give away trade secrets; a CV is the last place to do so. Your CV highlights why you are suitable for the job. This does, by no means, involve divulging any trade secrets of your previous work or the like.

On that note, don’t divulge too much– just enough to entice people, and keep them interested. Remember, a CV is not an autobiography – you don’t need to put it all on paper. An overview is ideal, and you can go into further detail if and when the opportunity presents itself. We realise the temptation to impress could be too strong while writing a CV, but refrain – hold back a little, and it will pay off. Think of it as a newspaper article – you can have the heading and often the sub-heading in your CV, but not the actual content.

This is the reason why hiring a professional CV writer in New Zealand helps. A professional CV writer that specialises providing resume writing services for job applicants in the IT industry knows which of your experience and expertise to highlight. He or she would also know how to organise these so that your IT CV gives the most impact on recruiters and hiring managers browsing it. In turn, this increases your chances to get called in for an interview.

Following the tips above can help you land that dream job.