Can aspiring immigrants use LinkedIn to get a job in New Zealand? Even if most of the developing world uses this social media site to connect candidates with jobs, the right fit for the said position usually occurs through “word of mouth” or through their local networks.

This seems to put those who are at a distance from New Zealand at a distinct disadvantage. That said, there are proven strategies by which one can use LinkedIn to get a job in New Zealand.

Before we begin, it is wise to look at these strategies as a combination of using LinkedIn as a tool to search for jobs along with building relationships with New Zealand employers. It must also be said that the point of following such a strategy involves bringing job opportunities available in New Zealand to you. Instead of carrying out a futile search for jobs in New Zealand using the generic CV-blast approach. That said, here are three steps that show you how to use LinkedIn to get a job in NZ:

Ways to use LinkedIn to Get a Job

1: Change Your LinkedIn Profile to indicate availability

For starters, use the appropriate search engine optimization keywords or key phrases to obtain job opportunities in New Zealand. Secondly, change the description settings as well as the summary to give recruiters the impression that you are available to work in New Zealand. With your intent clear, now it is time to use LinkedIn to get a job in New Zealand.

2: Look for visa sponsored employment in New Zealand

Most jobs in New Zealand give the locals first preference especially if their skill set matches the skill requirements of the job advertised. However, what about those jobs that the locals do not have the necessary experience or education? This niche for which the competition is non-existent – otherwise known as visa sponsored jobs – are ones that you can use LinkedIn to get a job in New Zealand. Some employers will not only help you get a visa but also pay for relocation costs as well and which makes the prospect of working in New Zealand all that more inviting.

3: Build close relationships with New Zealand employers

Even if you cannot find a visa sponsored job for your particular skill set just yet, one should keep in touch with potential employers for future opportunities. Staying positive and enthusiastic through constant interaction to build trust works better than sending out your CV every time a job advertisement comes out. Given that there are some groups on LinkedIn where people with similar goals interact with each other, this could be an excellent place to begin if you want to use LinkedIn to get a job in New Zealand.

Now, if you are not sure how to use LinkedIn to get a job in New Zealand, King of CV can help you with the process of finding and making applications for work.