With the proliferation of technology across several verticals, the need for IT professionals continues to grow. It’s a great time to develop IT skills in demand as the need for skilled professionals continues to increase. No matter which area of specialisation you have chosen, writing a CV for Information Technology (IT) that highlights your skills, experience and achievements professionally is necessary to climb the corporate ladder. For that matter, depending on the area of specialisation, a professionally – crafted CV for Information Technology  (IT) , will be unique for every individual.

Still, one must be reminded that even though the use of technology is ubiquitous, there are certain practices that will remain the same–for example, the use of resumes. What will also count is using your networking and soft skills to get ahead in your career. This, coupled with proficient IT skills, will give you the edge that most people will never have.

Having said that, it’s important to consider 3 common mistakes when crafting your own CV for Information Technology.

3 Things to Consider Before Crafting a CV for Information Technology – IT

It goes without saying that adding technical information on an information technology (IT) CV is a must. But one must be careful to not add each and every skill they’ve honed so that the CV exceeds two pages. Keeping word economy in mind, here are 3 common mistakes that should be avoided when writing an information technology (IT) CV:

1: Sending a Generic CV for every Job Application

As with making job applications for any other profession, people make the mistake of sending a generic CV. Avoid this by preparing a unique IT CV and cover letter for each and every job application. Do some research on the company while also using specific keywords from the job advertisement.

2: Describing your IT skills incorrectly

While choosing the right IT skills for each job application is important, not describing how you use these skills on a daily basis will not help. Remember that employers are looking for professionals with skills that they are well-accustomed to. Mentioning the context in which you use these skills also matters.

3: Omitting non-IT skills from your CV

Not eliciting business and soft skills on your IT resume is a mistake that a number of IT professionals make. Being able to use both technical and soft skills to make an impact on business profitability is what employers are looking for. So, remember to add a few non-IT skills and how you used them.

3 Crucial Elements to Add in a CV for Information Technology (IT)

So, what should one add in an information technology (IT) CV? Here are three crucial elements to consider when preparing a CV for information technology:

1: Career and Achievements Overview

The first thing that recruiters read is the career and achievement overview. Keep it short. To about three to four lines. Provide examples of areas that you excelled in and sum up the years of experience working on these competencies.

2: Key Skills & Competencies

While there is a variety of key competencies that one can develop, there are a few desired skills that all employers look for. Some of these include understanding existing and new technologies and demonstrating familiarity with technical architecture and the integration of systems. Thinking strategically along with project management and communication skills are others that one should add on the CV as well.

3: Work Experience

Mention the IT roles that you have worked in while also highlighting any managerial responsibilities.Whether this involves coding, creating software, working in support or in big data, mention the experience that you accrued over the years.