Very few people recognise the fact that the profession that starts all other jobs involves some form of teaching or the other. Good teachers seem to be in short supply these days.

Without serious educators helping students with basic literacy and professional skills, most job positions would be empty. Without a doubt, being a teacher requires a wide variety of skills and a strong sense of commitment that most people will never possess. We don’t just do it for the money, do we?

However, what about better benefits for primary and secondary school educators? What about bona fide tenured college professors? What about day-to-day tutors? All are working in tandem to make the world a better place.

However, to write a CV for teaching, you need to understand what skills and experience need to be highlighted.

Core Skills Required for Serious Educators

So, what is the desired core skills for educators? Gaining a clear understanding of this will help you write a CV for teaching job applications. In any case, you will find these core skills appear as keywords in job advertisements.

First, being able to articulate your thoughts and listen is vital. Secondly, you need to understand your learners, be it, adults or toddlers. Sometimes, you need to understand the troubles that their parents have too. Thirdly, you need to have a solid education yourself. In your area of learning – both in terms of domain knowledge as well as in being able to teach itself. Understanding and applying learning theories in your lesson plans are a must if you want to be considered for a well-paying position.

Putting it all together, you need to formulate your teaching methodology. Last but not least, you should be able to analyse feedback forms and test scores to make improvements to the curriculum and its delivery.

As you can see, this requires a very broad set of skills but which is possible if you remain a lifelong learner yourself. To be a teacher is to be a constant learner. Mostly on the job.

4 Tips on Write a CV for Teaching

So, how does one present this information on a CV for teaching?

1: Focus on your teaching methodology and day-to-day responsibilities

Every teacher has a unique facilitation style. It is almost always the culmination of one’s education and teaching experience. Most definitely, being able to explain in your CV is vital as you will play the very same role when applying for other teaching jobs. While the nuances and specifics might change from position to position, you’ll still need to fall back on the teaching skills that you have developed in the past. Apart from this, several teachers are being sought after for their digital and analytical skills. These should be mentioned on your CV as well.

2: Use Educational Jargon

Teaching has more to do with just offering boring lectures. Teaching methodologies come into play if you are a keen observer of learners. Learning theories can provide a framework using which you can set up your classroom, helps learners manage their learning, monitor their progress and evaluate the success of your classes. Mentioning educational jargon when you write a CV is permitted. Your readers, if teachers themselves, will relate almost immediately.

3: Highlight your Educational Qualifications

What would a teacher be without possessing the proper educational qualifications? A poor one. How could I teach writing if I didn’t learn the rudiments of writing from the greats? So, being an enthusiastic learner is vital to teaching. Which is why your CV should reflect the courses that you have taken. Both in terms of domain knowledge as well as the skill of teaching.

4: Hiring a Professional CV Writer

This is crucial especially if you’re planning to become a teacher and have built a career in a different industry. A professional CV writer can take your hands-on experience and expertise and present them in a way that’s acceptable to hiring managers and recruiters looking for qualified professionals that want to become teachers.