They are often the first opportunity an employer will get to see you, the person behind the CV.

Research has shown that interviewers often reach final conclusions about candidates within just 4 minutes of meeting them, yet for many of us the barrier of self-confidence often holds us back.

So here are 5 tips to increasing your confidence in interviews.


  1. Be prepared & don’t rush beforehand

Give yourself as much time before the interview as possible – you don’t want to be rushing around and getting yourself into a fluster!

Try to clear a few hours before your interview so you have plenty of time to get to it and don’t feel pressured.

Read over the job description beforehand, so you get a good idea of what the recruiter is looking for, think about the “buzzwords” they use, or the “language” that the business uses.By spending the time to understand just who it is they are looking for, you can go into the interview with more confidence in showing them how you match that job description.

Interviewers like to ask practical questions, such as “Name a time you had to do x.” If nothing else before an interview, try to get an idea of some examples that relate to the job you’re applying.

  1. Use your listening skills

It may seem pretty obvious, but for those who are perhaps more “introverted,” the best thing they can do is to use their listening skills.

You know those people that don’t stop going on about their own praises, it can be a real turn-off for recruiters, and often the opposite approach can pay dividends.

By paying close attention to what the interviewer is saying, firstly you will appear much more trustworthy, but you can also bring in points you have picked up on later in the interview.  This shows you have been attentive, and have listened.

  1. Focus on “what you know”

There’s no point spending too much time worrying about things you don’t know, or aren’t sure of.  Focus on what points you want to get across, and on what you do know, not what you don’t.  For example: Why you want the job, how you see yourself within the business, what you can bring to the business, and also knowing what you want to ask the interviewer about the job.

There are 101 things you could talk about in a job interview, but by concentrating on what you know, you will appear much more confident than by trying to talk about something you don’t.

  1. Focus on the smaller tasks

Completing smaller tasks successfully, gives us a much greater sense of achievement over chasing a larger goal that seems miles away.

Each time we complete a milestone in our goals, we feel better about ourselves, try breaking your interview down in sections, the introduction, why you want the job, your past experiences, the questions you have, rather than focussing just on the end goal.  Treat each milestone as important as the next. By adopting this mindset the whole recruitment process will seem like a much less daunting task.  Each additional victory will give you that extra bit of confidence you need.

  1. Act confident and you’ll be confident

They say that just the act of smiling can lift your mood, and it’s similar with confidence –  if you don’t allow yourself to feel confident then you won’t.

Above anything, the advice in job interviews is to always be yourself; however, this small but powerful tactic can go a long way to improving your self-confidence in the long run.  It’s simply a method of changing your mindset to a positive and confident one.  Try pretending you are your more confident cousin for example.

If you bring all of these tips together you should have the perfect set of tools to increase your confidence!

Good luck.