Seven seconds! That’s all you’ve got to make an impression. How you prepare and present your CV matters a lot. It can either make or break your chances at the opportunity. Here are tips to help you make your CV more eye-catching, and read-worthy.

CV Layouts and Choosing What Would Work for You

Before you point click on a resume template on a website for a CV maker service, there are two questions you should consider. These questions have everything to do with what a CV is meant to achieve, not what you think is appealing.

First, in what order should information flow?

Second, how easy is it to scan the CV and pick relevant information?

With this in mind, you can now pick a layout that suits your need, your current circumstances, and the nature of the job. You can choose between a:

  • Skills-based CV layout.
  • Chronological layout.
  • Academic layout.

Who Should Use Which Layout

CV maker services can help you craft a compelling resume regardless of the layout.

skills-based CV highlights the qualities you have gained through experience and training. It is ideal if you are looking to swap careers, or if you have gaps. It is also excellent for fresh graduates who have little experience.

Remember to tweak your skills-based CV to suit the desired skills of the prospective employer.

Chronological layouts list your employment history in reverse order beginning with the latest to the earliest. The objective is to showcase your achievements in various preceding roles and express a desire for growth. When you are using this format, the crucial aspect to remember is; highlight relevant experiences and achievements that speak directly to the recruiter’s needs.

A skills-based and chronological CV should not exceed two pages. Otherwise, you will be entering the academic CV territory.

Academic CV layouts, as the name implies, are for PHDs and other high-skilled, knowledge-based roles such as R&D teams, or university dons. It could be text-heavy and easily exceeds the two-page limit. Avoid using this layout unless you are gunning for the mentioned roles.

Preparing for the 7-seconds test

Here is where you will need the CV maker service the most. The following points will help you make it easier to scan and draw needed information.

  • Give your CV plenty of white space,
  • Highlight your punch,
  • Use numbers, and percentages to quantify your achievements.
  • Don’t give irrelevant achievements and experiences. Stay relevant and be succinct.
  • Pick the right font and size. You could keep it traditional and formal. But don’t use slanting or stylish fonts. Keep it consistent and bold the high-impact subheadings like the achievements subsection.
  • Use the right keywords. Your CV might not reach the recruiter’s desk if it doesn’t have the right keywords. Reach out to a CV maker service, and work with them each time you want to make a new application. They will help you to include the right keywords and beat the filtering robots.

When preparing your resume, keep in mind that recruiters are allowed to judge the book by its cover. How it looks: the layout, presentation, and how easy it is to spot and retrieve crucial information will help you pass the seven seconds test.