There’s a great reason for you to have a LinkedIn profile written by a professional CV writer. At least, one that is operational and which is visible to employers. Whether you’re still at university or like your line of work, hiring a resume writing service to create your LinkedIn profile can do you much good especially if you don’t feel the need to log into your profile every other day.

Here are four reasons why you should have a working LinkedIn profile written by a professional CV writer:

1: Most recruiters use LinkedIn to source talent

If you’re looking for the best jobs open to people with your qualifications, experience and in your location, this is only available on LinkedIn. What should be obvious is that most recruiters that matter in your industry are also looking for talent on LinkedIn. So, if you have an active LinkedIn profile, your expertise will be visible to everyone.

2: Potential employers and clients will look for you on Google

When you are interviewing for a job, most employers will look for you on Google. In an ideal situation, the first link in the search results will be your active LinkedIn profile. This will only happen if you have an active LinkedIn profile as relevant information related to your profession will be visible immediately.

3: Create a network that will endorse your skills and experience

With a LinkedIn profile, you’ll not only have access to the best jobs in your location but also be able to showcase your skills and knowledge through the network that you build. What makes this easier is through endorsements and recommendations from past or current employers and colleagues. This is a significant advantage that most serious professionals of which you can take advantage.

4: You can apply for relevant jobs

Most jobs that you find on LinkedIn aren’t found anywhere else. Even if you’re a few years away from joining the workforce or liking your career, these employment options are at your disposal at any point. While this might seem like a distinct function of LinkedIn, it can come in handy just in case you have to look for work – either freelance or full-time.