Most of us have a career path, or certainly a dream job, and we want to make sure that we never lose any opportunities to get that dream job, or make progress in our career ambitions. At the same time, keeping close tabs on job boards and adverts all the time isn’t a realistic option either. Here are some helpful ways to make sure you never miss an opportunity to get your dream job.

  1. Use Social Media

Follow your ideal companies on social media. A lot of companies post news about job openings on their social media feeds, so by just checking Facebook or Twitter you can find out if there’s an opening for you in a company you’d love to work in.

  1. Follow Industry News

There are lots of excellent news reader apps available, such as Flipboard, Zite, or Pulse, that give you the option to be kept informed about news from the industry you want to work in or want to advance your career in. Use these apps to follow industry journals, blogs and online news. This is a great way to find out about job openings, and also a fantastic way to build your knowledge of the industry which you can display at any interviews.

  1. Set Up A Google Alert

Google has a useful service that lets you set up an alert for specific key words. Every day you’ll get an email with all the mentions of your combination of key words. This can keep you in touch with any developments or openings that you might otherwise miss.

  1. Network! Network! Network!

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to land your dream job is to build and maintain your professional network. Building professional relationships in your chosen industry can put make you known to hiring managers and key players. This can mean that when an opening for your dream job occurs, the hiring manager comes to you! So, keep building your network!