The average recruiter takes less than seven seconds to make a judgement about your CV. To pass this seven-second window, your CV must be appealing and well-formatted. Working with a CV maker service can help you prepare an appealing resume and improve your chances of landing an interview.

But, just in case you want to do it yourself, here are some mistakes that would make recruiters play down your CV. Look out for them and make sure you correct them.

Missing the skills section

The skills section plays a double role for the prospective employer and you. First, it is an opportunity for the recruiter to take in CVs with the right keywords. Second, it is a criterion for identifying candidates with the right skills set.

You can deduce how crucial this section is to you. You could be listing irrelevant skills or use the wrong words. Recruiters will play down your CV.

If you are not sure about the keywords, or specific skills required from the advertisement, reach out to a CV maker service. They will help you craft a CV that beats the bots by applying the right keywords and showcase you as a candidate with the desired skills.

A work experience section that doesn’t connect with the recruiter’s needs. 

A decade of irrelevant work experience is gibberish to the recruiter. Employers want to see that your previous work experience can contribute to their objectives. You could have the right kind of experience. However, if the recruiter has a hard time trying to figure it out, your CV will be downplayed, and you will have little chance of making it for an interview.

A CV maker service can help you to prepare a work experience section that connects with the recruiter’s needs.

One way of doing this is by indicating quantifiable accomplishments besides each role and connecting them with the employer’s needs.

Your achievements are obscure

You could say that you exceeded sales targets by 25% last year. Or mention that you attended to 50% more customer calls, increasing the satisfaction rate by 20%. Metrics speak louder than several sentences to describe the same.

Besides, achievements are your opportunity to brag, albeit humbly.

Be attentive to your KPIs and how your current employer applies them to your evaluation. Then use this information to make your achievements more concise.

You haven’t blown your trumpet

We have mentioned it in the previous point – the humblebrag is crucial.

If you feel uncomfortable stating your skills, qualifications and accomplishment in your CV, you are underselling yourself.

Recruiters zero into this information like a hound smelling blood. They know here’s where they can find the killer instinct in you. So reach out to a CV maker service and get help in bragging about your accomplishments, but in a professional way.

Failing to proofread

Finally, your resume could have all the right keywords, the right skills, experiences and accomplishments. But if it has an ugly format, full of spelling and other grammar errors, recruiters will toss it faster than the blink of an eye. So, finish preparing your resume, take a break and proofread it.

Better still, reach out to a CV maker service provider to have a second look.