As the web begins to shake our careers much more sites like LinkedIn are becoming ever more “vital” tools to use in a career strategy.

It is in fact the biggest professional network online with 300m members, rapidly growing by the minute.  Businesses are favoring LinkedIn much more for its ability to connect much more closely with potential employees and allowing them to look past the classic CV.

Despite this few job seekers understand the true value of LinkedIn, with only 36% of job seekers actively using the site.  While LinkedIn may not always be a direct recruitment platform, there is no doubting that it is an invaluable tool to be used as part of your career strategy in the long term, and here’s why:

LinkedIn is like an ever evolving online resume – Think of LinkedIn as a personal website that shows off your accomplishments and above anything else who you are and what your passionate about.  That’s what businesses really care about these days above a lot else, while you can go to some degree with this in a resume.  Comments you make within LinkedIn groups showcase your expertise and passion, get you noticed and build a greater level of authority around you.

Connections that help you get that job – LinkedIn is all about building connections, each new connection you make could potentially be your next employer, could open up new opportunities for you, and you could learn a huge amount from them, much more than you’d ever gain from the likes of Facebook or Twitter..   The beauty of LinkedIn is that every effort you make on the site will help to improve your future career prospects, it’s what the site is geared towards.  Each new connection is a bit like a “vote of confidence” in you and your ability.   The more connections you get, the closer you will become.

Essential for finding you online – Hiring managers are increasingly turning to social media, or Google to look up information on their candidates.  Google loves LinkedIn, and chances are if you’re registered to LinkedIn, it’s the first thing you will see when searching your name in the search engine.  Making it easy for potential connections to look you up after meeting you at an event or for potential employees to see what you really want them to see!

Get closer to the decision makers – LinkedIn is much more than a recruitment platform, allowing you to learn more about companies who could become your employer in Auckland for example. It allows you to connect with the managers in charge of hiring new employees.

New Zealand CV and resume writer King of CV says: LinkedIn is by no means a replacement for the traditional CV, and won’t become so any time soon, it is however a hugely valuable aid in anyone’s career strategy and should certainly be considered by anyone, regardless of their career background.  With 300m members and 4% of companies are using social to recruit LinkedIn is a huge asset to all..