Not everyone can be a musician. Not everyone can be a writer either. There’s talent to be considered in these professions and without which, you’d get nowhere.

That’s the reality.

Yet there are times when musicians, and even writers, struggle to make ends meet because they aren’t, what is best described as, a ‘people person’. Doing this also takes talent. Probably of the highest order. Knowing people and what they want. Also, being able to bring people together in a win-win situation. Recruiters are the bunch of people who can make this happen. Of course, their strengths lie in knowing the skills of people by meeting them and making a call on whether the person suits the needs of the job profile. And yes, they sift through CVs all day long, looking for bits of information that could clue them in on which candidate to call for an interview.

But what if they were hired to write CVs?

Why You Need to Pick a CV Writer Who Has Been a Recruiter

Let’s back up a little and understand the situation just before you get called in for an interview. So, recruiters have hundreds of CVs lying in front of them. This is probably a painful task for an obvious reason – to understand what a person has to offer in mere words. But they do look for certain keywords that can result in an interview call. It’s almost a code that they abide by. So, imagine if someone spent some time understanding this ‘omerta’ and is now writing your CV.

Would your chances of getting called up for an interview increase?

Definitely, yes.

If it must be spelt out, they’d know just the words that recruiters (on the other side) are looking for.

Will you get hired? That really depends on how you perform at the interview. But the CV writer can help you get there. That’s the point, really.

And how do recruiters-cum-CV writers do this? This is where their expertise in knowing which profiles will and will not work comes in. It’s about how they market you on that sheet of paper that makes the difference.

Of course, their mistakes, as embarrassing as they might be, will also be put to good use when translating your candidature into words. They’ll definitely know which words don’t work or which ones do. Apart from just using the right keywords, there are other important elements that go into writing a good CV. This includes presentation. Their experience will also help you eliminate any unwanted elements that take away from the overall CV. Yet most of all, they’ll help you to stay within the presentation guidelines, depending on the country you are seeking employment in. This can prove to be more valuable than you can imagine. For example, in New Zealand, fancy fonts, borders and backgrounds are not the norm. Stemming your creativity, which will turn out to be an annoyance, is something that they will look at too.

It goes without saying that overlooking even the smallest element can cost you an interview at the company you’ve always been wanting to work at. So, there’s a lot that a recruiter-turned-CV writer can do for you than you can imagine.

In Closing

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that just about any recruiter will automatically be a better CV writer than others, given that there are other skills to master too. Some of these skills that are required are IQ, EQ, personal branding, career coaching and interpersonal as well as commercial awareness. Writing, quite obviously, is what combines these skills into a neatly formatted and carefully prepared CV as the finished product.

Are there any other reasons why you think you should hire a recruiter-turned-CV writer? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.