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The only thing better than one professional working on your CV, is FIVE professionals working on your CV.

The Cloud CV™ is King of CV’s revolutionary full CV makeover package.

We research

We interview you electronically to understand what you want and find your unique strengths.

We write

Our team of wordsmiths investigate the types of jobs you are interested in and tailor the language to suit them perfectly.

We refine

To find the right fit, we listen to your feedback and make changes until you are absolutely happy.

You win.

You save time and money by being able to do it all from home, plus five people work on your CV rather than one.

What is the Cloud CV?

In2013 we decided that the traditional approach of having a single CV writer for every customer was rather close-minded and simply not enough. The reality is that each recruiter has a different viewpoint and way they feel about life, and in order to maximise your chances of success – we feel different perspectives should influence the writing style and approach of your CV.

By collaborating two researchers, two writers and one editor – the Cloud CV uses technology allowing five people from our team to work on your CV. We research, brainstorm and gather different perspectives. Since the launch of our Cloud CV, customers have been happier and getting even more of the results they really want. Plus, because it’s all done online – we are able to work and back and forth with you electronically giving you the convenience of being able to work with us from wherever you like – from your place of study, work or even your home!

Why Choose Us?

  • Quick and convenient ability to do it from home or work
  • No need to hunt out old transcripts or drive to see us
  • Exceeds the standard for NZ and Australian CV’s
  • Flexibility, allowing us to ask you more questions if needed
  • Five experts including two researchers work on your CV
  • Carbon Neutral – The Cloud CV ™ is joyfully impact free on the environment
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A complete overhaul

Five of our team members get involved, not just one. We give it a full overhaul. We brainstorm, collaborate and put to work different perspectives.

You get the best CV

Your new CV is a full makeover and up sells your abilities to the employer, getting them feeling as though you are perfect for their job.

Cover letters available

Because a cover letter is the first document a recruiter will read, we also write outstanding cover letters that grab the reader’s attention.

Do it from home or work

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of being able to tell us about you from wherever you like. And, if we need more information, you can respond easily.

More affordable

The Cloud CV is more affordable than any other professional CV package on the market.

Get a LinkedIn profile

Once we finish your CV, we can produce a 5 star professional LinkedIn page for you, creating a real professional presence for you online.

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